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Hollow Truth – The Earth Shook (Demo MMXII)

Hollow Truth are a 5 piece crossover band hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Presented here are 3 tracks and an intro “MMXII” which is simplistic but effective until a hollowHetfieldism of warbling “yeah” is brought into the mix. Track 2 “He Who Shook the Earth” clocking in at under 3 minutes starts with a standard latter day slow crossover style with the obligatory gang backing vocals, fast passage and a breakdown. There is little impact, the riff doesn’t grab the throat the way it should in this genre. “Sisters of Fate” follows the same template, whilst slightly more energetic in places; it is hard to get past the hesitant drum fills and weak vocals. “Terrible Winds” is the stand out track with a solid rhythm track complimented by a creeping melody. There is a more convincing breakdown with a series of clashing vocal attacks which may indicate the band has more complexity in them than displayed here. Overall this demo has a flat production and doesn’t do the band many favours and gives only a glimmer of what they might be capable of. Bands are too keen to be heard nowadays and not enough of them are perfecting material, playing it live, gauging reaction, taking feedback and rewriting if required. This feels premature and underwhelming especially when they are up against local acts such as By Any Means and Bricktop.


Line up

Oisin – Guitar
Karl – Drums
Dean – Guitar
Joe – Bass
Ciarán – Vocals



He Who Shook The Earth

The Sisters Of Fate

Terrible Winds


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