Holy Cross – ‘Place Your Bets’

Holy Cross - Place Your Bets ArtworkItalian quintet Holy Cross claim to be “breaking new ground” by attempting to cross traditional power metal and classic thrash: unfortunately for them it’s a cross-pollination which has been attempted many times before – with varying degrees of success.

Equally unfortunately for Holy Cross, their attempt is by far one of the least convincing ones:  the songs are average in both construction and delivery, the performances – with the exception of a couple of neat guitar solos from Loïc Chalinder – are mediocre and unimaginative, and the overall effect is that of a middle league band struggling to make their mark.  No bet.


Bad Day (In The Best Of Worlds) / Place Your Bets / Last Chance / Break Your Chains / Realm Of Madness / From Past To Dust / Inner jail / Unleash The Cross / Higher And Higher

‘Place Your Bets’ is released on October 25th on Pure Steel Records.


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