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Interview with Honper from In Solitude

For people who haven’t heard about you how would you describe the band?

Svart Rock.

How did you form and what made you chose the name In Solitude?

The band has it’s roots in our very earliest involvements with the creative field whatsoever, and the liaison that keeps us here is very old. Dating back to our childhood, basically. Considering our age at the time, you could say that the motifs and vocations were quite blurred, and there was not much thought put into the name at the time apart from a linguistic level, so to speak. However, as we evolved as individuals, and as our motifs and vocations became more legible; so did the name, and it gained a lot of meaning. It’s an extremely suitable name for our group. Pointing towards to inner seclusion and sacrifice that has been required, and that is above/below evident in our music and lyrics.

For those that have not seen you play live, how would you describe your shows?

Like a lot of things about In Solitude, as well as within other artistic pursuits, it feels pointless to try to describe an answer for something that is purely dependent on the perception and comprehension of the spectator. This is to say that I can’t foresee or explain what we’ll evoke in you as an individual in the crowd. That’s something you’ll have to explain to me. I can only speak for my own personal experiences from these happenings, and those are usually like having gasoline poured over the body and matches tossed towards you. Which is a very beautiful and rewarding ordeal.

Over the last ten years you must have had some great experiences. Do any stand out particularly?

The times I’ve stumbled into the night, bleeding, laughing and crying, after concerts has usually been very special moments, or at least a good sign that something went right/wrong enough to bring God into the house. There are details in existence that alter everything. Encouters that crystallizes what lies latent in the shadows.

Are there any embarrassing tour incidents?

That depends on what you consider embarrassing. I don’t know. People are in general embarrassing.

What is your favourite type of live show and why, ­festival, large venue or small venue?

Anywhere at any time where we are consumed by the fire. The moments that destroys our lives.

What bands and artists have influenced you?

Music for dead children, as someone wise once put it.

So what kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?

Anything that is emotionally and spiritually rewarding and/or devastating. Lately I’ve been listening to the 1930s recording of Marian Anderson singing Schubert’s “Der Jüngling und der Tod, D.545” over and over again. That song evokes a lot of memories of deaths in my past. Scents, rooms, faces, weather, bodies, sounds, sheets, conclusions, worship..

Which do you prefer and why ­ CD or legal mp3 downloads ?

My cardinal interests lies in whether the music can or will kill me or not. This in itself overshadows the format. At times, the visuals can be of great help, so I would prefer a Cd above the other. I am not much of a materialist, in fact, I seek the opposite, yet as a music and art enthusiast I prefer a package where everything is connected.

What was the last album you bought?

I got the latest Ghoulbog cassette (“Den Andra”) a few weeks ago and it has occupied my walkman for quite some time now. I recommend everyone to combine it with walking the forest at night. A soundscape that leads to very strange places, to say the least.

Are there any bands out there you would recommend keeping an eye on right now?

Reveal, Degial, Saturnalia Temple, Daniel Bay, Ghoulbog and Alfarmania, among others.

Besides the current tour what else does 2012 hold in store for you?

Withdrawing to our secluded corners, bleeding, in order to portray a dance that destroys and exceeds everything and anything.

Have you got any bad habits?

Most of the things that comes with being somewhat a part of contemporary society, its laws and abasement.

Have you got any guilty pleasures?

To feel guilty for my pleasures maybe? That sounds like a waste of time and energy. I avoid that. Guilt has a tendency to reduce the pleasure. Then again, it all depends on which levels you indulge in the pleasure of guilt. Which on one hand can lead to change, which in turn can lead to new even greater pleasures. Anyhow. Sorry for not putting confectionary or onanism here.

What are you guys do in your spare time when you’re on the road?

Meditation and medication, basically. Contemplating a dying world through a car window. Unfortunately there’s usually not much time for anything apart from going from one to place to the other. A lot of the times, I find these moments to be very giving.

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?

Let the vessel Bleed, children, in Fear and Love. The Master knows.

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