HULDRE – Intet Menneskabarn.

Huldre produce an excellent Folk Metal record that is really hard to fault.huldre_frontcover_1400x1400



Folk Metal, Pagan Metal, call it what you will, the genre has continued to grow and develop over recent years, bands like Korpiklaani and Adorned Brood for example have all made their mark on the wider and more general world of Heavy Metal, opening up many new avenues for this once niche sub genre.
Huldre have been kicking around since 2006 but in truth the bands history really starts to cement itself in 2010, when the current line up of six finally got together, paving the way for the release of the current album ‘Intet Menneskabarn’.
And so to the album itself. If your familiar with the Folk Metal genre then you probably wont be reeling in surprise at the content on offer but you should be pleasantly surprised by the delivery and level of professionalism on display. To my ears the music is much more to the folk end of the spectrum than Metal and I don’t say that in a critical way, the folk elements always remain at the fore of the performance, whilst the addition of Metal influences is always meant to compliment rather than dominate, which actually makes a pleasant change from the usual format. That’s not to say that the album doesn’t Rock mind you, tracks such as ’Havgus’ for example, race along at a good old pace and pack a weighty punch. However, it’s when you listen to songs like ’Spillemand’ that the bands true greatness shines through, a whirling cacophony of get up and jig Folk music that is nigh impossible to resist.

The vocal talents of Nanna Barslev are wonderfully haunting and ethereal in there delivery, giving a real feeling of storytelling to the album, whilst the excellent violin playing of Laura Beck infused with the Hurdy Gurdy courtesy of Troels Noergaard makes for a really potent force all ably backed by some killer guitar and percussion, the song ’Knoglekvad’ demonstrates the overall sound very well in my opinion.
As a debut full length release this really is worth checking out, having listened to the album for some time now, I still am yet to find a weak track. Yes, you will undoubtedly come across heavier and harder albums in the Folk Metal genre than this one but you will not find many better. A band definitely to watch out for, with the real potential to become influential masters of their field.

Rating 9/10.

Huldre are;

Nanna Barslev – Vocals.
Bjarne Kristiansen – Bass.
Troels Noergaard – Hurdy Gurdy and Flutes.
Laura Beck – Violin.
Lasse Olufson – Guitar and Lut.
Jacob Lund – Drums and Percussion.

Intet Menneskabarn’ is out now and available through Gateway Music and Digital outlets.


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