Huntress – Islington Academy, London – 29th October 2012

Taking a short break from their European tour with Dragonforce, Huntress headed over to the UK for a few gigs – three headline shows in small venues around the UK plus tonight’s appearance at the Metal Hammer Halloween party, held in London’s Islington academy.  With three other bands on the bill (Heavens Basement, The Defiled, and Black Spiders) then Huntress were second on the bill with a fairly short set – a real shame for their first London gig.

If you haven’t listened to Huntress yet, then some basic information is needed – they’re an American band with a female singer (Jill Janus), and they play proper heavy metal – not Gothic metal, symphonic metal or any other sub genres – this is straightforward heavy metal.

The band took to the stage in front of a good sized crowd despite the fairly early time, and quickly showed the crowd what they’re all about – loud heavy guitars, pounding drums and vocals powerful enough that you wonder how the microphone hasn’t exploded.  With a set made up of songs from their debut album, Spell Eater, this was a great set with songs like “Spell eater” and “eight of swords” going down very well.  Jill Janus has a very powerful voice and can produce some amazing shrieks and screams.  At times she really does sound very like Rob Halford’s screams – I’d love to hear Huntress do a Judas Priest cover as I’m sure they’d do a fantastic version.

All too soon though the band’s short set was over.  A great set as part of a great night of music.


Thanks to Michelle Murphy ( for supplying the photos.

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