Huron Interview – 14th December 2012

Huron War PartyWith Huron taking to the road for a brief tour of the UK with ragga punk metal meisters Skindred, we caught up with guitarist Rimmy Sinclair to talk about their EP and tour and what lies ahead in 2013.

Hi Rimmy, thanks for taking the time to chat to us today.  Before anything else, for those readers of the site who maybe haven’t heard of you, can you give us a bit of background about yourselves?
Huron are a heavy metal band from the south-west of England, and right now we’re out on tour with Skindred! Show number four tonight, another sold out show at Central Station in Wrexham.

How would you describe the band? Where are you from? How long have you been together?
In this age of sub-genres and categorising bands, everyone gets pigeon-holed into liking a band or not liking a band because they’re not in the same exact category as this band, you know? We play heavy metal, man! We all like different stuff and that shows in the music. The band started in 2007, and following a few line-up changes the sound has naturally evolved and matured since then. We’ve still retained the groove, and the grit, but it’s heavier, it’s a bit more (for lack of a better word) progressive, but it still feels natural and is leading us in the direction the sound of the band is heading. A bands sound constantly evolves, as everyone in the band has different life experiences and that comes across in the music.

You’ve decided to follow up 2011s Mary Celeste with the 4-track EP, War Party. What was the reasoning behind releasing an EP rather than a new album?
The original plan was to follow up War Party with a second part, the ‘Red’ and the ‘Blue’ if you get me! But with the pace the band is accelerating up to at the moment, we’ve got so much material coming together at the moment, and with new drummer Jim fully on board, a new full length feels like the right thing to do. We’re always looking ahead too; after this full length is released in early 2013, we may even come back to ‘War Party Blue’ and release it. The sky’s the limit right now.

With your busy touring schedule in 2012, in particular some major festival appearances, who came up with the idea for a tour with Skindred to end the year?
It was something our manager came to us with, and it was a no-brainer. Skindred are legends in the UK, and we jumped on the chance to tour with them. I’ve watched them every night so far and they kill it!

Following the summer playing Download, Bulldog Bash and Bloodstock, we were hungry to get back out in front of people, spreading the word of Huron and getting our new material out there. We’ve got a bunch of new songs on the road with us this time and we’ve been mixing it up a little every night. It’s been really fun warming up the crowd, then going out and joining them to see the rest of the show.

Is this December tour a chance to get back to more intimate gigs for the fans?
It’s really quite the opposite! We’re playing our fourth sold out show tonight in Wrexham; the venues have been packed wall to wall every night. It’s an awesome feeling seeing a room full of people throwing their fists in the air, banging their heads and screaming for more! We’ve had the chance to chat to several people after the shows and the locals have made us feel real welcome.

Following on from this will we see a full album from Huron in 2013?
Album number III is the first item on the agenda after Christmas. Right now at this stage, it’s mostly written, but we’ve got a lot to consider regarding studios, engineers and mastering the album as well. We’ve got a lot more to choose from this time around, so we’re not gonna rush it, but it’s definitely priority number one!

Any plans for Christmas and New Year festivities after the tour?
After the tour, we’re going to take a short break over Christmas and New Year, then we’re gonna get straight back into the studio to finish this album! We’ve got plenty of surprises up our sleeves for the new year, but you’re gonna have to wait and see… muahaha!

If there’s one thing you’d like to achieve in 2013 what would it be?
We’d really like to get back to the big festivals to cause more mayhem in the blistering heat! We’re having a blast out on the road but man, the weather is a serious pain in the ass. It’s just so damn cold… we’re from by the sea and were hoping to get away from that on the road but that just hasn’t been the case, haha!

Do you attempt new year resolutions and stick to them?
Personally, I’m always pushing myself as a musician, and that goes for the whole band too. Album III is our next big project and it’s going to be one to remember.

Finally, are there any messages that you would like to pass on to the readers?
Keep supporting underground metal and supporting new bands! Don’t sit around waiting for Iron Maiden or someone to tour; get down to a venue, watch some real live music, and spread the word. Let’s get it back to the way things used to be! There are some incredible new bands coming out, and we’ve had the pleasure of playing with many of them.

Make sure you check us out on tour with Skindred over the next week; we’ll see you in the front!

War Party is available now from all good stockists

HURON are:
Sean Kenivel – vocals
Neil Sims – guitar
Rimmy Sinclair – guitar
Rohan James – bass
Jim Bruen – drums



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