HURON-Mary Celeste CD

You should never judge a book by its cover, and in Huron’s case this is more so than ever. From pictures they may just look like a Trivium covers band, but Huron are a force to be reckoned with, as their take on groove infected thrash metal is louder, bolder and damn right heavier than any band on the circuit at the moment. With ten all killer, no filler mosh pit anthems on their latest album Mary Celeste, the guys in Huron have at their disposal an insane arsenal of songs which could bring the roof down of any venue.
These Plymouth based newbie’s may only have made two albums, but the fact is that if you are this good after just these two releases you are bound to go places! The musicianship on this album is second to none and when the listener is with those hooky guitar riffs, you seem to think you are listening to the likes of Pantera and Down, but a fresh faced, more relevant version of the foot stomping music. Title track ‘Mary Celeste’ and the charging ‘Disperse or We Fire’ both charge in with a violent assault of blast beating drums, downturned and distorted fast guitar riffs and one of the most aggressive voices in metal, making every listener to mosh pit in their very own front room!
With all great songs you want to have a good old sing or chant along to it, and with every single track on Mary Celeste you can have hours of fun screaming along to these BRUTAL fist pump fests. When you listen to the likes of ‘Blood in Blood Out’, ‘All My Gods’ and ‘Suffer’ you will automatically throw the horns in the air, head bang like a psychopath and chant along to the question and answer session which goes along between singer Sean R Knievel and the rest of the band amidst the whirlwind of musical mayhem going on behind it.
The only problem with Mary Celeste is that quite a few of the songs sound similar in the guitar parts. It’s just the same extremely fast, heavily distorted guitar riff with the odd, twiddle thrown in to make it sound fancy. Huron have the songs to impress, but to fully crack it they need to experiment with new ideas and sounds to make sure they are not just going to go for the same old approach to every album they do.
Great things are yet to come from Huron and hopefully in the next two or three years we will start to see their eventual rise to the big league which the amazing tracks from Mary Celeste have put them a step closer to. [8/10]

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Review by Matt Seddon.

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