I am I, Arthemis and Fahran, Manchester Moho Live 23.10.12.

I am I are currently on tour promoting their debut album ‘Event Horizon’ with special guests from Italian metallers Arthemis and Fahran. I am I did perform at this years Bloodstock Open Air. Unfortunately I did miss their performance, so I am looking forward to seeing the guys tonight.

Fahran take to the stage with an intro that was quite mellow and atmospheric, it created mystery about the unknown band, when least expected a forceful of guitar riffs broke the dulcet music. There was only a few people wandering through the venue at this time but this is quite normal for during the week and for the opening band. Fahran were dedicated in entertaining every single member of the audience. I have actually never seen a guitarist have such a big cheesy grin for a hard rock band, Chris Byrne looked the happiest man alive. Fahran are true to the roots of melodic hard rock with dueling guitars from Chris Byrne and Jake Graham. They have thriving rhythmic back line that is contagious with clean cut vocals from Nick Whitcroft. They have a kick of Blackstone Cherry with a splash of heavy from Metallica. Their songs are slick, tight and enjoyable. Drummer JR Windsor… well there’s nothing else to say but fucking hell. He has a unique technique that is rarely seen in drummers. He focuses on bringing his own technicality to Fahran whilst adding extras for entertainment purposes. He is absolutely fascinating to watch. The audience watch with anticipation however not much movement. I think the anticipation was for ZP Theart new project I AM I.


Arthemis are up next. As more people gather round the stage calling out the songs they want to hear. Arthemis have only been Manchester twice and have started a small following, for this following only to grow and mature. With only half an hour set they choose  exactly what their fans want from their previous album ‘Heroes’ and off their brand new album ‘We Fight’. They jolt the waiting audience with ‘Scars’ and ‘Empire’. Fabio is fiery and a metal warrior that is ready to be let loose. He states last year he was ill but this year he is ready “to kick fucking arse” smashing every high note in the set and taking full control over the spectators, he has them screaming and shouting, at times the shouts were a little weak but Fabio sorted that out. Damian’s bass line provides enough volume and power to back Andrea on his thrash infested solos. Who needs two guitar players. He throws just about every thrash guitar method  melodic dissonances, harmonies and full throttle progressions. ‘We Fight’ a song everyone has been waiting to hear live. Arthemis have this gift to be able to re-create what they do in the studio live and most of the times live is better. They finish off we everyone’s favorite ‘Vortex’.

The anticipation can finally be released. The album ‘Event Horizon’  has been the talk for a few months now and tonight will be the full live exposure. They kicked in with ‘This Is My Life’ setting the night to be a good one. ZP’s vocals overcome the  acoustics of Moho Live,  that seem to swallow vocals like a black hole while rhythm section is bellowed, finally a vocal that can be heard in Moho Live! I AM I took the night to engage personally to every single fan that had turned up. It was like being at a V.I.P party. There was banter between the band and the fans and just full on rocking out.

I AM I centralize around the rhythmic pattern from drummer Phil Martini, he is ambitious and complex, he endures perfect speed, power and precision. Being there is two guitars bass can sometimes be lost to an uneducated or finely tuned ear, what I liked is how prominent bass was. There was a clever foundation of doubling riffs and licks. ‘Stay a While’ comes in mid set, a extremely catching song with picturesque lyrics. There is definitely romanticism  in I AM I.

There is an amplified sonic power from both guitarists Jacob Ziemba and Jake Thorsen that is embraced down below, with their own air guitar mimics. This is eminent in ‘ Wasted Wonders’ and the song to the set ‘Kiss of Judas’. Normally at the end of the set there would be a disappearance and everyone would cheer and shout for more. I AM I just powered straight through into their cover for the night. A cover everyone should know ‘Your the Voice’ by John Farnham, where the harmonies were resonating around the venue and the one the finale ‘Silent Genocide’. Tonight’s gig was amusing, boisterous and a pure hit of a heavy metal drug. [9/10]

Arthemis set list 

We Fight
Still Awake


This is my Life
In The Air Tonight 
Cross The Line
Dust 2 Dust
Pave The Way
Stay A While
Inside of Me
Wasted Wonders
Kiss of Judas

You’re The Voice ( John Farnham Cover)  
Silent Genocide  


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