Iced Earth & Fury UK -London 4-11-11

The lineup tonight was originally supposed to include White Wizzard as the main support, but tonight they were missing.  Apparently there was a small notice near the entrance advising of this but like many people I didnt see it, and there was nothing mentioned about there absence. They managed to make an announcement about the merchandise stand closing soon after the gig end but failed to mention the absence of white wizzard which I felt was very poor communication.  It later transpired that the band had been involved in a minor road accident which was why they couldn’t play the London show, but luckily nobody was hurt.

Fury UK benefitted from the absence of White Wizzard – they got to start their set slightly later, giving more people chance to arrive to see them, and also got a longer set.  The venue is already fairly busy by the time they start their set, but you can’t help feeling that if drinks prices in the venue weren’t so high then a lot of the Iced Earth fans sitting in pubs  very close to the venue would have come in to see them play rather than enjoying cheaper drinks in the pub.  The Manchester trio put in a good performance tonight and show why they deserved the opening slot on this tour.

Iced Earth came next after an announcement about the merch stand, and opened their set with the title track of their new album, Dystopia – the first of four tracks from the new album to be included in tonights set.  New singer Stu Block demonstrates he’s clearly the right man for the job, putting in an excellent highly energetic performance all night.  The new songs and old all go down extremely well with the fans in this packed out venue tonight.  Iced Earth have a very Iron Maiden inspired sound, but have the skill to still retain their own sound rather than sounding like an Iron Maiden cover band which is how some lesser bands I’ve seen recently have sounded.
I’d seen Iced Earth before, but tonight’s set was by far the best that I’ve seen them.  A great show from these veteran US rockers.

Fury UK setlist:

I see red
Fall from grace
Alien skies
Call to arms
Death by Lightning

Iced Earth setlist:

Angel’s holocaust
Slave to the dark
Stand alone
When the night falls
Dark city
Declaration day
Tragedy and triumph
Dantes inferno
Iced earth

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