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IMPERIA – Queen Of Passion.

‘Best Of..’ from one of Female Fronted Metal’s ‘best of’.


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Launching a ’Best Of’ collection after releasing only three albums may seem a little strange but I guess it gives us a chance to take stock of what Imperia have produced so far, if nothing else.
The band are fast approaching ten years of existence, which in the modern music industry is an achievement in itself. Formed in 2004 and releasing their debut album ’The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh’ soon after, Imperia have steadily grown in stature and gained a reputation for producing complex atmospheric Gothic tinged Metal led by the spellbinding vocals of Helena Iren Michaelsen. The breakthrough album though was surely 2007’s ’Queen Of Light’, which having been released by German label Massacre Records propelled the band onto the international stage, gaining much acclaim for its collection of, in places, Prog influenced Metal, coupled with complex ballads and Power Metal compositions.
Imperia spent the next couple of years getting themselves ’out there’ and cementing their position before retreating to write the third album ’Secret Passion’ which saw its release in 2011, again on Massacre Records.
This digital only release draws heavily from albums two and three, as perhaps you might expect, serving a timely reminder of what stonking songs this band have produced, listening to tracks such as ’Facing Reality’, you get a sense of the depth and range of Helena’s vocal range, not too dissimilar to Floor Jansen in places, it’s a voice that screams with passion, whether conveying the lyrics in an Operatic vocal or not, you can not fail to become engrossed in the story telling on display.
Musically, the band deliver a heady but balanced mix of powerful guitar riffs and thumping drums played against a background of quite inspirational orchestral and string movements that certainly hit the spot, ’Secret Passion’ being a prime example.
This compilation gives you ten tracks plus an extra bonus track previously unavailable on download, so you have plenty to get your teeth into and become acquainted with the bands rich if not large back catalogue.
If your already (like me) a fan of Imperia, then this release is not going to offer much in the way of new material, however, as a release designed to showcase the bands achievements and talent to those who may not have previously been aware of the band, then it’s hard to fault.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;imperia band

1. Mirror.
2. Braveheart.
3. Broken Wings.
4. Facing Reality.
5. The Calling.
6. Secret Passion.
7. Fragile.
8. Let Down.
9. Violence.
10. Like Rain.
11. Mistress.  

Released in digital only format on March 15th. 





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