Incantation – Audio, Glasgow – 18/06/2014

.@incantation666, @exilethetraitor show in Glasgow reviewed by @AnybodyBC for @Planetmosh

It was a fine day for a great death metal concert in Glasgow. Wednesday, the 18th of June was invaded by Incantation from USA and their three fellow support bands.

Exile the Traitor
Exile the Traitor

The small venue Audio, seemed just right for this gig, as even as tiny as it is, it still was not crowded. For  true die hard death metal fans, who were not out sunburning in any open air festival, this gig was a wonderful opportunity to have a smashing evening.
The first band to get on the stage was Exile the Traitor, a local warm up from Glasgow and probably the most melodic ones of the evening. Although, These five metallers seemed to be in excellent mood and it was simply great start for the whole concert.
As the concert started with melodic tunes, with each subsequent band it became more and more heavy, dark and brutal and still, each band was so different from each other. There was something for every death metallers taste.


So the second guys were from Midlands, England – Sheol. Candles lighted and four mysterious dark guys on the stage. Long solemn intro, accompanied by dark and fumes. And when they started playing tempo was changing from slow and dark to fast yet still dark. And then again. Blackened doomed death metal or anything that might fit in between and quite atmospheric as well. As it is common for young bands, their cover, this time – Darkthrone was included in that evening setlist.
After a while lights were on again, drums seriously checked, the third band Supreme Lord

Supreme Lord
Supreme Lord

from Poland went up on the stage. Great pick of familiar Polish metallers (ex-Vader, ex-Bloodthirst, ex-Demogorgon). From the very first sounds the band proved themselves with solid blasts, rhythmic section, growling vocals and overall just right death metal to headbang to. That was some serious business from the Polish metal scene. The band stood out with their killer drummer and other very expressive members, as evil looking vocalist and charming long haired guitarist, who were showing the great example of the headbang. Brilliant pick for supporting band just before Incantation themselves.
Incantation stormed in, continued the turned on (by Supreme Lord) death metal machine and totally exhausted the metalheads in the audience (which still was not big), who tried to be supportive as they could – headbanging and initiating mosh pits. Incantation played for almost an hour and their setlist consisted for both new songs from their new full-length album “Dirges of Elysium” and some old ones as well. The Supreme Lord vocalist and bass guitar player Reyash got a double shift that night to be a part of Incantation show as well and take over the bass guitar part.


The time just flew with these guys around and evening finished just too soon, too fast – as all good things. Glasgow was left totally smashed and destroyed by this heavy armada lead by Incantation.


1. Dirges of Elysium intro
2. Debauchery
3. Shadows From The Ancient Empire
4. Vanquish In Vengeance
5. Oath Of Armageddon
6. Emanated Holy Figure
7. Profanation
8. Lead Of Desolation
9. Horns Of Eradication
10. Invoked Infinity
11. Ibex Moon
12. Carrion Prophesy
13. Diabolical Conquest
14. Anoint The Chosen


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