Incite – All Out War

We’re going to play a little game here folks.
1. What does your Dad do for a living?
2. Now imagine that he’s one of the most highly respected people in his field.
3. OK, now think what it would be like if you got in to that business too.
4. Finally imagine that everything you do will be seen by the entire world and will be judged and critiqued and compared to your Dad’s work constantly.
5. What do you think that pressure would be like???
Well this is exactly the kind of pressure that befalls the shoulders of Richie Cavalera, son of certified metal LEGEND Max Cavalera, and his band Incite as they prepare to release their second album All Out War.

Right from the get go Incite go straight for the jugular with The Aftermath, its meaty groove and towering vocal combine with a breakdown that will crush buildings to create a song of unrivalled power.  4ever Loko keeps up the intensity. Driven by thunderous drumming and percussive vocals, it hits you like a heavy weight boxer pounding your ribs.

Incite are not just a one trick pony that play fast and loud.  They are also capable of great song writing.  Hopeless for example is an excellent showcase of their abilities (and for my money should be the lead single from the album.  If you only listen to one song from this album, let it be this one!!)  With its slow burning intro and anguished vocal it builds to become a defiant fight back from the band where the almost delicate solo emphasises the power of the vocal even more.

If 4ever Loko was the body shot then Exposed is the head shot that sets you up for the knock out.  It is a mix of modern thrash and grinding metal riffs.  Nothing Remains and Die Alone are slightly slower numbers that loses none of their power with the drop in tempo, allowing you to get your breath back before the double knockout blow of Departure and Consequences of Life hit at full throttle.

It’s abundantly clear that if the band were aware of any pressure they haven’t let it show because Incite have written one hell of an album here, All Out War has all the makings of a modern metal masterpiece.  It is impeccably put together and is very well produced to boot although given that it was produced by Logan Mader (Devildriver, Gojira, FFDP) this should come as no surprise.
The grooves are rock solid whilst the leads shred and sear, held together on a solid rhythmic base which attacks each song with vigour allowing the dagger sharp vocals to burst out.

Comparisons with anything Max has done are going to be unavoidable for Incite at least to begin with, however I don’t think they are going to have to worry as this record stacks up against pretty  much everything out there just now not just Soulfly or Cavalera Conspiracy and is definitely my contender for album of 2012.
As a result I am proud to award All Out War by Incite my first ever full marks review with a score of 10/10.

Incite will release their second album All Out War on Minus Head Records worldwide on November 20th.  However in the UK it’s not released until November 26th.  Circle the dates in your diary now!!!

Track Listing:

  1. The Aftermath
  2. 4ever Loko
  3. Feel The Flames
  4. Hopeless
  5. Retaliation
  6. Exposed
  7. Nothing Remains
  8. Die Alone
  9. Departure
  10. Consequences of Life

Incite are:

Richie Cavalera – Vocals
Gene Macazan – Guitar
Luis Marrufo – Bass
Zak – Drums

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