INDIGO DARKPSYCH release new single ‘Work Those Brain Cells’

Indigo Darkpsych have released their latest single ‘Work Those Brain Cells‘. The single is taken from their 3rd Album ‘All That Remains’  which was released last year.

Indigo DarkpsychIndigo Darkpsych is mainly an Industrial/Alternative Metal Project started by Marvic ‘Indigo’ Lewis in the year 2002/3 as a soloist after a long&fruitful career as a Vocal Artist backed up by extensive experience in performing and recording since the age of eight. ‘Indigo Darkpsych’ is the only Industrial Metal Act on the Island and its aim is to bring about a new sub-genre.

Marvic writes, composes and co-produces her own music and has worked with numerous professional musicians all along including one great guitarist/drummer/recording engineer by the name of David Depasquale, who has stood by her side from the year 2010. The pair together produced the aforementioned Album, ‘All That Remains’.

The writing, recording and production of this record took only 7 months as a new chemistry had developed between the two, after their fellow drummer and bassist left without valid reasons in the beginning of 2012.

‘All That Remains’ is indeed a manifestation of what one could achieve, standing strong against all odds, and  ‘Work Those Brain Cells’ is one of the energy boosters that come out of this fantastic Album which can be found on ravenheartmusic, cdbaby and all other main web-stores. One can also find ‘Indigo Darkpsych’ on most networking sites to view more content.”


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