Inferno & Inferno Fan Henry Robson interviews at Les-Fest 3!

Inferno-Sunday-Interview1Slightly different Inferno styled interview post this time around! I interview the guys from Inferno before they play their amazing Acoustic set on the Sunday at les-Fest 3 then after their set I chat with one of their long time (8 years+) fan Henry Robson for his views on the guys..

I discuss with the Inferno trio what they have been up to since last year when I seen them play at Les-Fest 2, new material and album(s), plans and more. As Inferno have played all there Les-Fest’s, this year they played twice first an totally rocking electric set on Main Stage then the acoustic set the next day, we discuss the festival and the new site and reckon this is the best one out of the three!!!


Now it’s time for long time Inferno Fan Henry Robson interview, he gives his views on Inferno and their Acoustic Set as this is the first time that he’s seen them play acoustically and his first Les-Fest experience!



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