If you fancy spending your Christmas gift money on something guaranteed to blow the festive cobwebs away then you could do a lot worse than give this album a go.
Released via Pure Legend Records at the end of October it boasts 9 blistering slabs of Power Metal that fair gallop along at a wickedly fast pace and delivered with style on a silver salver of Rock. No more so than on the rip-roaring ‘Save Me From Myself’ which delivers Maidenesque riffs in abundance.
The album can’t be labelled one dimensional by any means though with tracks like ‘For The Fallen’ showing a well crafted melodic ballad feel with Sean Hetherington’s vocals in full command.
The band have been around for many years and therefore it’s surprising to learn that this is only their third full length offering, and the bands first since 2007, which if nothing else shows that they take their time in putting together an album that is worthy of release. Just listen to the mighty epic ’Skull Of Sidon II’ to see what I mean. This is a track that should be on every Metal fans iPod , in fact Apple should load this track onto each iPod prior to sale so that everyone hears it.
In short this is one of those albums that just gets better and better with each and every listen, so if you like your Metal hard and heavy go out and get it!

Track Listing.

1. Anubis.
2. The Elemental.
3. One Man’s Word.
4. For The Fallen.
5. Save Me From Myself.
6. Lie.
7. Haunted.
8. The Skull Of Sidon (The Final Stand).
9. The Shape Of Rage.

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