Interview with Adam Cody – Wretched

Planetmosh: Your new album ‘Son of Perdition’ was released late last month, can you tell us about it?

Adam: The album “Son of Perdition” marks Wretched’s 3rd Victory records release.  It has  11 tracks; 3 of which make up an epic instrumental ride. The songs span all genres but concentrate on Melodic Death Metal.  I am a new vocalist to the band, so if you’re already familiar with us; The vocal difference will be noticeable. We believe we’ve created a fun listen.


Planetmosh: It was given a great review by Planetmosh, how have other responses to the album been?

Adam:  Thank you to Planetmosh! The album has been getting really good reviews for the most part. I kinda gave up reading our reviews. After you read a few that get your spirits down; you kinda just ignore the critic world. Especially after finding out how many online reviewers are just bored kids at home; with a quick opinion. The opinions at our shows are the ones I listen to the most.


Planetmosh: What was it like recording the album?

Adam:  Recording the album was a short sweet experience. We are excited to take some more time the next time around.  Jamie King is an NC staple in the recording world. We know his routine & he knows us very well. So going into it we knew it would be a good time.


Planetmosh:I love the artwork on the album cover; was this design created between you or by Dan Campbell?

Adam: The  Artwork idea came from myself & our drummer Marshall, but the artwork was done by Par Olofsson. We love how it turned out as well. Big thank you to Par & the guys at victory who got us together! It paints the ever popular Armageddon scene in a new way.


Planetmosh: I know it often varies, but do you have a favourite song on the album at the moment or is there a particular one that you especially enjoy playing live?

Adam: I really like the song “Dreams of Chaos”. We have yet to play the song live. The melodies in the song really get stuck in your head & it’s a new style for us. It’s got an awesome swing to it; along with some fun lyrics. So look out for that song on the summer tour we have in the works!


Planetmosh: You must be excited about playing the new songs live; have you had chance to play many gigs around the release date?

Adam:  We have been on The Metal Alliance Tour with Devil Driver, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Job for a Cowboy, 3 inches of Blood, & Impending Doom. We did a few weeks of this tour prior to the release date. We are nearly at the end of the tour now. We are ready to get together with no rush & learn some of these new songs; so we can get to playing more new tracks live.


Planetmosh: Are you planning on coming to the UK this year?

Adam:  We would love to come to the UK this year. I don’t know of any set plans. If you’d like to help us do this; please contact our booking agent Trevor Swenson.  Same goes for any international interest!


Planetmosh: Despite being busy finishing and then releasing your new album, have you had time to go see other bands recently?

Adam:  I’ve seen some good shows recently. I saw Glassjaw put on a great show in Charlotte, NC. I was also able to catch TesseracT live. I really enjoyed their 6 song EP & it was great to sing along to the real thing! Young & in the Way is another Charlotte band I had the pleasure of watching recently.


Planetmosh: What were the last albums you bought?

Adam:  Sam Cooke (the best of..), Frank Sinatra ( Greatest hits), I needed some good driving tunes..


Planetmosh: On your website there is a story called ‘Beyond the Gate’.  It’s unusual for a band to have a story on their website, can you tell us more about it?

Adam:   The last album “Beyond the Gate” had an elaborate story intertwined with the lyrics. I was not part of that album so I can’t dive very deep into that. But to the best of my knowledge the story revolves around a fictional character named Sylvester Aledoe. An alchemist traveling through another world.


Planetmosh: Ok, now for the hard sell; if you had 10 seconds to describe yourself to potential new fans what would you say.

Adam:  We are a progressive Death Metal band with no boundaries. We have our own sound; but we take influence from anything from Rush to Dying Fetus.


Planetmosh: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of Planetmosh?

Adam: Pick up “Son of Perdition”. Come see us live & keep your eyes peeled for the next record to come! Thanks a lot!

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