Interview with Andrew and Dave of Rex Shachath @ Voodoo, Belfast – Friday September 7th

On the day of the release of their debut album, ‘Sepulchral Torment’, and minutes before they hit the stage for their debut hometown show, Planet Mosh’s Ireland editor sat down with Andrew and Dave, guitarist and vocalist respectively with Belfast based death metallers Rex Shachath.

Battling against the background noise of support band The Obscene Machine soundchecking at the other end of the room, we talked about how the band came about their influences and their take on the current state of the Northern Ireland metal scene…

Rex Shachath

‘Sepulchral Torment’ is out now on Hostile Media and can be ordered by clicking the link below.

Rex Shachath play the Hordes of Belial festival in Dundee on September 22nd (with The Rotted, Firebrand Super Rock, Threshold Sicks and Zillah) – – before bringing their ‘Pestilence Procession’ to the rest of the UK on the following dates

September 23rd – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (w/ The Rotted, Bonesaw and Filthpact)
September 26th – Bannermans, Edinburgh (w/ Necrotize)
September 27th – The Borough, Sunderland (w/ Necrotize)
September 28th – The Ringside, Hull (w/ Overoth and Necrotize)
September 29th – The Lomax, Liverpool (w/ Overoth and Necrotize)
September 30th – Snooty Fox, Wakefield (w/ Overoth, Necrotize and Necrogrinder)
October 1st – Fox & Newt, Leeds (w/ Overoth, Necrotize and Necrogrinder)
October 2nd – South Sea Live, Sheffield (w/ Overoth, Necrotize and Necrogrinder)
October 3rd – Scruffy Murphy’s – Birmingham (w/ Overoth and Necrotize)
October 4th – The Croft, Bristol (w/ Overoth and Necrotize)
October 5th – Alton Live Lounge, Alton (w/ Bloodshot Dawn, Flayed Disciple, FuryBorn and Overoth)
October 7th – Bogiez, Cardiff (w/ Overoth and Necrotize)

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