Interview with Counterhold, Jan 2012

I caught up with the guys from Counterhold who hail from Cwmbran, South Wales for an email interview before they head off on a 3 day local tour, good luck on the mini tour guys.

If you can check them out on tour do so as your in for a great night!


Welsh Invasion Of Wales Mini Tour dates


Fri 3rd – Elliots Bar, Aberdare with Black Acid Souls and Deathbullet

Sat 4th – The Duke, Neath with Black Acid Souls

Sun 5th – The Hog And Hosper, Pontypool with Black Acid Souls and Drag Me Down

Facebook Event page for more info on the above dates

Counterhold are

Steve Jenkins – Vocals
David Birbeck – Guitars
Karl Silverthorn – Guitars
Ben Saunders – Bass
Ryan Salter – Drums


How did you pick the name Counterhold?

That would be our guitarist Dave. After we split up as Fatal Taunt, we knew we were going to continue with a new name and that was the only suggestion that stuck. Its actual a Volvo car tool!


How would you describe the band?

It’s a difficult one, as we don’t really sound like anyone else but the best descriptions we’ve had are power doom or powerhouse melodic metal.


What has changed since you first started out in 2008?

Not alot really, just bassist and drummer changes.


What are your musical influences?

We all have our own individual favorites. Dave likes Steve Vai and Satriani. Karl loves his Metallica and Linkin Park. Ben & Ryan are Nu metal fiends. I (Steve) listen to a bit of everything from Gleen Miller & Bach to Maiden & Killswitch.


What equipment do you use?

Line 6 combos for the guitars. Laney bass combo. Mapex drums with an assortment of cymbals. I have a Shure wireless microphone. Haven’t got any endorsements yet so if anyone would like to get in touch lol


Any particular gig story or memorable experience you would like to share?

2011 in general was our best year yet. Not enough space for all the best bits but between supporting Sepultura, Highway To Hell in Glasgow and gaining over 400+ fans, we’re looking forward to the future rather than reminiscing about the past… yet!


Can you dos summary of what you guys got up to last year/2011?

In short got the right members for the band, supported Sepultura, won The Battle of the Bands at The Welsh International Motorcycle Show, supported Darkest Hour, our first trip to Scotland and our first (but would love to do it again) appearance on a carnival float!

It’s not been a bad year!


What are the plans for 2012?

More of the same and to complete the album.

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to the readers?

If you are already following us, thank you so much for the support. If you check us out after this welcome to the mad house! We hope you enjoy the ride!


Band Links



Facebook Event page for more info on the Welsh Invasion Of Wales Mini Tour dates

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