Intöxicated – Rock ‘n Roll Hellpatröl

I like it when new bands are formed and they do old school thrash/speed metal.


Intöxicated are a speed/thrash metal band from Osnabrück, Germany.  They were formed in 2009 and this is their first full lenght album.intoxicated - album cover

Their lyric themes are Alcohol, Partying, Sex and Motorcycles.

Their music style sounds like a mix of  Venom, Motörhead  and Overkill. It sounds great and  I like it.


The first song ‘Sex Drinks Satan’ is a song that reminds me on Venom. The voice of Löuie reminds me in some songs on Chronos Lant and sometimes on Lemmy.

Metal Porno Slut is a song that reminds me – apart from the vocals- on Overkill. It’s my favourite song of the album.

When i listened the first time to ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ it reminds very on ‘Stone Deaf In the USA’ from Motörhead.

The riffs in Suffering for Lover reminds me very on Hammerfall’s ‘ Living in Victory’. The rest is like the other songs.

The last song  The Chase is Better than the Catch has also a Motörhead style but with own riffs and it makes fun to listen to that.


All in all it’s a good debut album, but it would be better when they use own riffs and don’t make similar riffs to songs from other bands.





Jackhammer Bass

Äc Drums

El Ranchö  Guitars

Löuie Vocals



1.Sex Drinks Satan

2.Metal Porno Slut

3.Lock Up your Daughters

4 Suffering for Löve

5.Rock ‘n Roll Hellpatrol

6.Crush your Local Disco

7. Slutanic Speedmetal

8.Break your Limits

9.The Chase is Better than the Catch


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