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On January 4, 2019
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a fantastic album that's highly recommended.

Jawbone are a new London based band formed by Marcus Bonfanti and Paddy Milner, both established solo artists. They then recruited Evan jenkins and Rex Horan to finish the lineup. Between them the band members have played with the likes of Tom Jones, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, Van Morrisson, David Gilmour, Seth Lakeman, Ronnie Wood, Cliff Richard, Robert Plant and many more – so that’s a pretty good indication of the amount of talent they have. Of course individual talent of it’s members doesn’t always make a band great – there have been plenty of failed “supergroups” that have proved that, but in the case of Jawbone things are looking very promising. With influences from Rolling Stones, The Band (jawbone being named after one of their songs) and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young they’ve created music that’s got their own sound and is damn good too.

Check out the opening track, “Leave your traces”.

After hearing that song I was hooked and wanting more, and happily the rest of the album is just as good.

Check out “Rolling on the underground”…

The vocals are great – both Marcus Bonfanti and Paddy Milner have great voices and they complement each other, but more important is the lyrics which are thoughtful and brilliantly written. Throw in great music which ranges from roots rock to something with a bit more funk or a slightly more bluesy feel, or just great rock and roll, and the result is a fantastic album that’s highly recommended.

“Jawbone” is out now.

Track listing:

1. Leave no traces
2. Get what you deserve
3. When your gun is loaded
4. Family man
5. Bet on yesterday
6. Rolling on the underground
7. Big old smoke
8. Sit around the table
9. Two billion heartbeats
10. The years used to mean so much

a fantastic album that's highly recommended.

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