Joe Satriani, IndigO2, 18 June 2013

Having spent the previous night at the IndigO2 for the Golden Gods, I was back again the next night for something a little different.  Waiting at the venue for the first band to come on stage I got chatting to some of the other gig go’ers who were interested to know if this was our first time watching Joe Satriani.  Admitting that yes it was, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that this was far from the first time for them.  With one seeing them 8 and the other 14 times before (even planning their UK holiday around the gig) this was recommendation enough.

Matt Schofield, IndigO2

It took some time for the venue to fill up and so not all those coming along would have seen the first set of the evening; Matt Schofield.  At the end of a ten date tour, this three piece was well received by those present.  A good choice of support and a good blues and jazz sounds pouring out of the songs.  One for the guitar lovers for sure, with each song providing a lengthy guitar solo.  Receiving loud cheers from the audience, a highlight was the smooth handling of a technical error with an amp.  Continuing singing and then flipping back to playing his guitar in perfect timing when things got fixed it was just …..smooth!




Set List

Ear to the Ground

Don’t know what I’d do

Where do I have to stand


Siftin’ Thru Ashes


Joe Satriani, IndigO2

Next it was time for the main man himself, Joe Satriani.  By this time there was a bigger audience and a much more focused one.  The interest in the next act was palpable, with sections vying for a better view of the stage before and throughout the set.  Finally Joe Satriani and his band enter the stage and kicked things off with a drum solo to ensure the crowd were truly warmed up. As mentioned this was my first time and I totally get it – the skills demonstrated on stage are fantastic and keeps your focus through the set.  There is a good relationship between the musicians on stage and even better with the crowd.  The backdrops vary throughout the show; from sycadellic, to mountains, rivers and deserters but always fitting well with the songs.  A good example was Shine on American Dreamer which had a driving scene through what looked like dessert mountains.  This song was one of the highlights for me, a perfect driving song as well as inspiring.

There was a good amount of audience participation and encouraging to shout along, as well as dancing and jumping across the audience.  In total the set was 2 hours in length and we were over an hour into it before I realised it; with the audience eating up every minute of the show.  Devil’s Slide was another highlight for me with its upbeat nature and speed; making me think it would be a perfect soundtrack to a car chase for a film.

Leaving the stage for a short while, the crowd continued shouting for an encore and cheered loudly when they returned to the stage.  The encore when it came geared up the audience even more and was a good way indeed to end.  With a more rockier feel than previously, and an audience who knew the time left was limited, the gathered crowd became a group intent on enjoying it to the last.  Listening to comments afterwards and looking around I couldn’t see any Joe Satriani fan anything less than seriously happy with the evening.


Joe Satriani, IndigO2



Set List

Drum Solo

Cool #9

Devil’s Slide

Flying in a Blue Dream

Unstoppable Momentum

The Weight of the World

Ice 9

The Crush of Love

I’ll put a Stone on Your Cairn

A Door into Summer

Joe Satriani, IndigO2

Lies and Truth

Satch Boogie

Shine on American Dreamer

Three Sheets to the Wind


Jumpin’ In

Jumpin’ Out

A Celebration

Always with Me, Always with You

Surfing with the Alien


Crowd Chant

Summer Song

Joe Satriani, IndigO2




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