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Joey DeMaio – Manowar

Email interview with Joey DeMaio of Manowar.


Q: Hello Joey. Thank you for taking a break from your work in the studio to answer a couple of questions. So, what’s going on in the kingdom of MANOWAR?

Joey: Quite a lot! First of all: After 16 years, MANOWAR will return with a mighty ‘Hail’ to England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Q: Why the UK and Ireland?

Joey: We have fans from all over the world requesting us to play in their home country. There is nothing else we’d rather do. But we are currently working on our new studio album that will come out next summer. So we decided to take a break from the studio to visit some of the countries that have been waiting the longest for our return. Our spring schedule didn’t allow us to do a full UK and Ireland
tour, which was promised for so long. And since our US fans have been waiting so long too, we were able to schedule another show on November 19 in New Jersey. This will be the last show of the ‘Battle Hymns 2011’ tour, so you better get your tickets soon!

Q: The first leg of the ‘Battle Hymns 2011’ tour brought you to Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, England and the United States. How was it?

Joey: Very simple: Sold out and fucking killer!

Q: What were the most memorable moments?

Joey: Playing in Portugal after 12 years was amazing. The fans there – especially the Lusitanian Warriors – have been fighting to have MANOWAR back in Portugal for many years. Same in England, Switzerland, Greece… Basically everywhere we play is special because our fans our special. Too many memorable moments to list them all. The show in Kerkrade, the first after we lost our brother Scott
was very special. The overwhelming fan support to us and of course to Scott’s family will never be forgotten. Thanks again to everybody! And then, playing England, the ground where it all began, after such a long time, was just great.

Q: What makes this ‘Battle Hymns 2011’ tour so special compared to previous tours?

Joey: With this tour we are paying tribute to our beginnings. It’s very important to not forget where one starts. We are playing in venues similar to the ones of our first tours. They bring band and fans closer together. We love playing big halls and
stadiums as well as festivals, and we are looking forward to doing this next
year again. But these more ‘personal’ gigs have a very unique atmosphere. And
like with the re-recorded Battle Hymns album, we give the fans the best of both
worlds: The atmosphere of the past with the best technology of today.

Q: Speaking of technology: You played this spring tour with your new D.A.S. Audio PA. How was it, and will you be using it again in the UK?

Joey: Of course! It’s the only way to go! Ask the fans. You’ve never heard sound that was as loud as ours and at the same time so crystal clear. The sound is so massive that it took our video cameras off their stands!

Q: What can the fans expect from these shows in November?

Joey: Getting their heads blown off and their faces melted with massive sound and their favourite songs, and many surprises.

Q: You are a big fan of Facebook and other Social Network platforms, is that correct?

Joey: Yes, I am. They are a gift. They allow us to be in direct contact with our fans. We can give the truest of the true VIP access to everything: Free downloads for example. And first hand info of course. Take this Battle Hymns tour for example: We promoted the shows only through Facebook and our other websites! Those who follow us regularly had the first chance to get their tickets to these special gigs. That is our way of rewarding their loyalty.

Q: Anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Joey: Yes! Bring all of your friends so we can crush them with power and get your tickets before the shows are sold out. And that’s only the beginning. Check out www.facebook.com/manowar for constant updates.


See you on tour!
Hail & Kill

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