Junkfoxx – Smokey red EP

Junkfoxx formed in late 2011, and this is their debut EP.  They are an unsigned rock band from Wickford in Essex with three members, two of whom do the vocals.  As such you get some songs with male lead vocals and others with female lead vocals.

It’s a great EP – especially for a band that was formed less than a year before the release of their debut EP.  Influences include the Small Faces and Rolling Stones as well as perhaps Joan Jett.

The vocals are good – both singers have very different styles and this means the EP has more variety.  Musically it’s not that heavy – I suspect live they’d sound heavier, but here the power doesn’t show through, but there is plenty of potential.

After listening to this EP I’d certainly like to hear more from Junkfoxx – either live or in the form of a full length album (or both).

A great EP that’s worth a listen.

Rating: 7/10

Junkfoxx are:

Nathan “Papa justify” Lusher – Guitar/vocals
Julia “Okra” Clark – Bass/vocals
Dan “Bongo spud gun” Brown – Drums/percussion

Track listing:

1. Into the wake
2. Let go
3. The fever
4. Lap it up

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