KAOTIK – Starving Death.

Some of the finest Canadian Death Metal money can buy!



Formed in Quebec, Canada in 2007, it’s only since signing to German Metal label giants Massacre Records that Kaotik finally and truly get the chance to project their brutal brand of old school Death Metal upon the unsuspecting international masses.
A mighty fine debut it is to, ten tracks and not an album filler to be found. Heavily influenced by bands such as Entombed and Pestilence, these guys sure don’t hold back when it comes to delivery, forging ahead at an unrelenting and unforgiving pace. The vocal delivery of Pierre-Luc Simard is as deep and menacing as you could wish for without becoming overpowering and all consuming. The twin guitar sound oozes power and aggression, balanced with a tight percussion section that all adds up to make this an excellent debut.
The mighty opening track ’War At The Door’ comes in at over six minutes and features the guest vocals of Luc Lemay of Gorguts fame, a great way to start the album off. Indeed , the quality doesn’t dip from then on in either, classic Death Metal riffs on tracks such as ’Lobotomy’ and ’Screeching Sound’ ensure that you’ll be hooked right to the end.
The band have obviously nailed their colours to the mast in terms of musical allegiance, so don’t stick this cd on and expect to hear ballads or piano solos. What you will hear though is some kick ass Metal that will have your head moving faster than a woodpecker on speed, listen to ’Pesticide Shower’ and the title track itself to see what I mean.
All in all, Kaotik present a debut album that, if you’re a fan of Death Metal, you’ll find hard to fault.

Rating 8.5/10.



Track Listing;

1. War At The Door.
2. Carnivorous Madness.
3. Creature.
4. Lobotomy.
5. The Screeching Sound.
6. Bad Awakening.
7. Pesticide Shower.
8. Starving Death.
9. Terror.
10. Inbreeding.

KAOTIK are;Kaotik_Band_Photo

Fred Tremblay – Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Samuel Pare – Guitar.
Pierre-Luc Simard – Vocals.
Jeff Tremblay – Drums.
Alexis Goulet Bouchard – Bass.

Out now via    http://www.massacre-records.com/





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