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On November 21, 2016
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A truly unique listening experience that redefines the boundaries of Black Metal








Weltenasche represents Karg’s  fifth full release since forming in 2006, and is one hell of a powerful record, brimming with so much technical wizardry and jaw dropping ‘punch’, a real beauty to behold

I’m full of admiration for anyone that can sit down in a darkened room and dream up such passages of music as this, top that with the fact that Karg is just one man, (J.J.)playing all instruments, vocals and anything and everything else , and the respect levels just go through the roof

Known as a Black Metal project, Karg offers so much more than the constraints of one musical genre, yes, there are many nods towards the traditional Black Metal scene but this is interwoven with so many other influences that it becomes a totally unique listening experience. ‘Le Couloir des Ombres’ for example, is a truly magnificent eleven minute romp through all musical landscapes and emotions, spoken word, monstrous riffs, soaring leads and crushing, depressive vocals, all make for an outstanding piece of musical art. Counter balance that with the almost New Wave Gothic elements of ‘…und blicke doch mit Wut zuruck’, which then leads into a full blown assault of mountainous riffs and throat destroying vocals, and you begin to get an inkling as to what this album is all about.

Sadly of course, as with such a niche market to aim at, major commercial success is unlikely but do you know what, I doubt whether J.J. particularly cares. This is music born of the soul, risen from the depths of some torturous nightmare, spawned into this world to challenge the senses of those fortunate enough to listen to it. You really don’t have to be a fan of Black Metal in general to enjoy Weltenasche, such is the cross over appeal. I found it to be one of the most engaging and absorbing albums I‘ve come across this year. Take a chance and dive into this one, you will not be disappointed


Track Listing;


Alles wird in Flammen Stehen

Le Couloir des Ombres

Tor zu tausend Wusten

Spuren im Schnee

Solange das Herz schlagt

…und blicke doch mit Wut zuruck



Karg line up;

J.J. – All instruments, song writing and lyrics

Out now via Art Of Propaganda   







A truly unique listening experience that redefines the boundaries of Black Metal

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