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Kari Rueslåtten

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On 8 March 2014
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'Time to Tell' is a wonderful collection of songs from a uniquely beautiful artist.

KARI RUESLATTEN album Time To Tell (out on 03/2014)
KARI RUESLÅTTEN album “Time To Tell” (out on 03/2014)

Kari Rueslåtten is Norwegian music artist known both as a solo artist and as a member of  Storm and The 3rd and the Mortal. Together with these projects she has released three albums and five albums as solo musician. It was a break of almost nine years when she decided to go for the new album again. On 6th of March her album Time To Tell faced the daylight on Despotz Records.

The first thing you notice is the album cover which as simple and mellow as the music within – it is only Kari herself. When I listened to these songs for the very first time, I was not too surprised, it sounds just like her: lyrical, dreamy and a little melancholic. I had the impression, that although this album is being released almost nine years after her last solo album ‘Other People’s Stories’, it sounds as a pure continuation. The only difference is ‘Time To Tell’ is more acoustic. You will be able to hear Kari’s concentrated voice at it’s fullest, accompanied by piano.

The album consist of 11 songs and starts with the title track. ‘Hide Underneath Bridges’ is the second song and together with the fifth song ‘Rainy Days Ahead’ could take the first place as the the most catchy song on the album – it just sticks in your mind. If I would have to choose my favourite, most likely it would be one of those. There is one more song worth mentioning – a new version of ‘Why So Lonely’. Many of Kari’s fans will most likely remember this song as it was originally The 3rd and the Mortal song, first released in 1994 (album ‘Tears Laid In Earth’).

Throughout the whole album there is some sort of autumn/winter feeling that I get each time when finish listening it. I just could imagine tree leaves or snowflakes falling down in the gloomy Norwegian forest. And no, there is not much connection with Norwegian folk music, as there was in the very beginning of Kari Rueslåtten solo career – it is quite different.

This album is very much awaited by Kari fans and Norwegian music lovers. So if you want to hear ‘Why So Lonely’ in any new way or just enjoy Kari’s voice at the fullest – this album is just right for you. ‘Time to Tell’ is a wonderful collection of songs from a uniquely beautiful artist.


Track Listing:

1. Time To Tell
2. Hide Underneath Bridges
3. Hold On
4. Paint The Rainbow Grey
5. Rainy Days Ahead
6. Why So Lonely
7. Shoreline
8. Waltz Across The Sky
9. Wintersong
10. Stay Right Here With Me
11. Only You Know

'Time to Tell' is a wonderful collection of songs from a uniquely beautiful artist.

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