Karybdis – From the Depths Album Review



Hailing from the UK released their album From the Depths on the 2nd of July via Beasting Records. I think it’s important to quote this description of the album given by the band to give you an idea of what to listen for “The sound of metal’s past, present and future colliding in a shower of sparks”. So look out for the different styles. I am quite interested to see how this will sound.

The first track is called Minotaur. The track starts off with some wave sound samples and beautiful violins with a few haunting guitar notes. Then the beat kicks off with the same guitar notes. The all of a sudden the track completely changes. 1.40 is an interesting section. Not sure about the vocal style I must admit, some of the guitar tones and the clicky double kicks. Oh dear 2.37, no. 3.53 is better. I am hearing past and present influences, too much present in my opinion but let’s see.

The second track is the title track. Starts off chunky and gets worse, dislike the sand sack drum sound. Too clunky and obvious for my taste. I do quite like the question answer vocal part one minute in however and 1.15 to 1.25 is better. I quite like the slower section but again the notes progression is quite obvious. Really disliking the guitar tone.

Without Wings starts much better, until the vocals kick in. Interesting riff at 0.40. Don’t like the lyric ‘without you by my side’, it’s a bit whiney and ‘shut up you cunt’ just made me laugh. Interesting key changes at the climax of the song at 2.33. The violin harmonies at the end are beautiful. Best part of the track.

Arson Athletics next. This track takes a while to get started but I’m getting into it. The layering of the violins is nice. The guitars and vocals kick in, nothing grabbing me yet. 2.29 is very uplifting, nicer guitar tone and the section immediately after is also interesting.

Worth It, starts off fairly groovy, more please. Oh no, more slow motion muggy guitars and tin can sounding drum at 1.20.

I Say sounds like an interesting mix of black metal and em, another more modern style of playing. Quite liking the repeated riff, a bit less repeating though I think. Oh wow! 1.12 is stunning. Beautiful clean guitar almost jazzy tone. Love the guitar playing behind the vocals at 2.00, I wish the vocals would shut up. 2.17 is quite Deathy, ace. Ooo a haunting solo, about time there was a decent guitar tone used. That track improved as it went on and is defiantly the best so far. Come oooon.

Medusa starts off with another weedley guitar tone. To be honest I don’t have much to say. Obvious and to be honest it bored me.

Maelstrom is next. Starts off alright, could go either way. 0.31…it’s gone down. 5.06 is interesting, I like the idea of the quiet, soft muted sound then building up.

The Hour Glass. LOVE the guitar tone at 1.46

Death Toll is the last track on the album. Love the pinch at the beginning. So far I am quite enjoying it. I really like the guitar tones and finally some driving force to go with it! Why did 2.15 have to happen? Going downhill again. 4.33 is a beautiful classical duet, love this, very soulful. The guitar harmony that follows is also beautiful. Then the vocals kick in and it’s back to the sludge. Wow tapping solo! Oh yes more of that please. More fucking sludge! I am finding this very frustrating. Well that last track had more of the right balance of good and bad moments, for me to keep me interested. Unfortunately it was only in that one track.


I can hear the passion in the vocals and I can hear the skill in the musicians playing, they just aren’t playing what I like in the way of metal. As soon as I get the slightest hint the song is about being dumped I can’t get passed it and unfortunately the style of the music also reinforces that teenage angst theme for me. The guitar tones and drum sound just don’t do it for me. However there were moments of interest and if certain themes had been played on further it would have made it more rewarding to listen to. Though I am sure many will enjoy this album for me it didn’t hit the spot.


Rating 6 out of 10


Track Listing

  1. Minotaur
  2. From the Depths
  3. Witrhout Wings
  4. Arson Aesthetics
  5. Worth It
  6. I Say
  7. Medusa
  8. Maelstrom
  9. The Hour Glass
  10. Death Toll


Line Up

Rich- Vocals

Harsha- Guitar

Pierre- Guitar

Jay- Bass

Mitch- Drums


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