Kataklysm – Waiting For The End To Come

A real monster of an album, from one of Death Metal’s all time greats.kataklysm art



When your record label quotes your new album as your finest work to date you know you’re on to a winner. Furthermore, when you realise that Kataklysm have over 20 years of back catalogue to draw comparisons from, you begin to realise what a bold statement that is.

Waiting For The End To Come’ represents the bands 11th album to date and maintains the face melting power and aggression coupled with an uncompromising, take no prisoners attitude in the mode of delivery that has become synonymous with their output but offers a lot more besides. Always willing and able to throw in melody and substance to compliment the hard hitting riffs, this album takes things up to a much higher level, making the “Best ever album” tag seem ever more plausible.

Frontman Maurizio is the embodiment of all that is Metal, a more dedicated and professional artist would be hard to find, his passion and commitment surges through the speakers as, with each and every track the album just builds and builds.

Opener “Fire” sets the pace perfectly, fuelled by anger and a drum beat that breaks all speed limits, it is a crushing prelude to the remainder of the record. Following track “If I Was God…”, whilst maintaining the blistering pace, has a more melodic core, a feature that weaves and flows through the whole running order. One of my (many) album highlights “Like Animals” is a prime example of how true extreme Death Metal can still contain enough commercial appeal to cater for the tastes of the more mainstream Metal audience.

It has, for many years, been a perplexing mystery to me, as to why Kataklysm are not up there with the so called ’greats’ of the genre. Is it just a case of timing, promotion, I just don’t know but this band have it all in abundance, every box is ticked on this album, tracks such as the anthemic “Elevate” are bordering on, dare I say it, perfection. “Empire Of Dirt”, another worthy of the same tag.

For me personally, this heralds the bands finest work since “Prevail”, whether the fans see it as their finest ever, remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though, Kataklysm show no sign whatsoever of taking the foot off the pedal and slowing down, a band that still feels the need to lead rather than follow and long may that continue.


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Track Listing;

1. Fire
2. If I Was God – I’d Burn It All
3. Like Animals
4. Kill The Elite
5. Under Lawless Skies
6. Dead And Buried
7. The Darkest Days Of Slumber
8. Real Blood – Real Scars
9. The Promise
10. Empire Of Dirt
11. Elevate

Kataklysm current line up;

Maurizio Iacono – Vocals
Jean-Francois Agenais – Guitars
Stephane Barbe – Bass
Oli Beaudoin – Drums

Released through Nuclear Blast Records on 25th Oct (EU), 28th Oct (UK), 29th Oct (NA




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