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On December 2, 2020
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It's one hell of a good live album, and it's one Kenny Wayne Shepherd fans are sure to love.

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band will release their first live DVD at the end of November. There was a live album released a decade ago but not a DVD, and even if you prefer albums to DVDs, a new live release is definitely long overdue

Kenny Wayne Shepherd says “People have been asking us to do a live DVD forever, for decades. We’ve been working so much focussing on studio recordings. But I’ve been hearing the call from the fans for many years now”. With live music on hold for now thanks to the pandemic, a live release now at least gives fans a chance to watch the band again even if its not in a venue.

‘Straight To You: Live’ will be released on DVD+CD, Blu-Ray+CD, 2LP red transparent vinyl and digitally. The show this release was filmed and recorded attook place at the famous Leverkusen Jazzstage for the iconic German TV show, Rockpalast on 25th November 2019.

Check out “Diamonds & Gold”….

Anyone who has seen the Kenny Wayne Shepherd band in the last few years will know just how good they are live, and watching or listening to this, it’s great to hear that live sound faithfully captured – there’s something about playing live that really brings out the best in a band like this. Having released several great albums over the last decade they’ve got plenty of strong material to choose from, and since this was recorded on the Traveller tour then it’s no surprise that four songs from that album feature here. The album is great, but I think the live versions are even better as the band has the freedom to expand on the originals, and “Shame Shame Shame” is a great example of this with the live version going on for 9 minutes as the various parts of the band add their own touches to it. Watching the DVD is great, but it does remind me just how much I’m missing live music.

There’s plenty of energy right from the start with the opener “Woman like you”. That energy carries on through the show. It’s full of superb guitar work and solos in particular, but it’s not just about Kenny Wayne Shepherds guitar playing – the rest of the band are a vital part and things like the horns really add a lot to the sound.

It’s one hell of a good live album, and it’s one Kenny Wayne Shepherd fans are sure to love.

‘Straight To You: Live’ will be released on 27th November via Provogue

Track listing:

1. Woman Like You
2. Long Time Running
3. I Want You
4. Diamonds & Gold
5. Talk To Me Baby
6. Heat Of The Sun
7. Down For Love
8. Shame Shame Shame
9. Turn To Stone
10. Blue On Black
11. King Bee
12. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

It's one hell of a good live album, and it's one Kenny Wayne Shepherd fans are sure to love.

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