Kerstin Bischof – Project Ava

Kerstin Bischof has been the singer for bands including Axxis, Lakonia, and Xandria.  Recently she has focussed on her own solo work and has just released her solo album, “Project Ava”.  It’s an interesting mix of metal, rock and more classical sounds.

Brief comments on a few of the songs.

“Midnight earth #1” is a piano solo with very gentle music in the background.  It’s a very nice start to the album

“Crimson” really kicks the album proper off.  It’s a great rock track, with a variety of heavier and more gentle sections, and a good chorus.

Next up is another great track – “Frozen”.  It’s one of the heaviest songs on the album with it’s guitar led sound.

“Over the stars” changes style again – this whole album is very varied, and uses a choir as well as Kirstens vocals

“Wish” features some superb vocals (ok the whole album does but this track in particular).

Kirsten has a very distinctive voice

The album is only available for download sadly (I’d love to see it released on CD) but comes with a digital booklet in pdf format containing lyrics for all the songs.

An excellent album that is a great addition to the collection of any fans of female fronted rock and metal.

Rating 8.5/10

Track listing:

1. Midnight earth #1
2. Crimson
3. Frozen
4. Over the stars
5. Wish
6. Keep you from harm
7. Shrink
8. Battery eyes
9. In contemplation
10. Enough
11. Midnight earth #2
12. Shrink – long version (Bonus track)


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