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On October 16, 2019
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Very good pop-rock that's well worth a listen - great music to chill out and enjoy.

Keywest started as buskers in Ireland around a decade ago and gradually honed their skills and started to draw crowds to watch them perform. These days they’ve outgrown busking having sold 150,000 copies of their debut album in Ireland. They’ve toured Ireland, the UK and Europe and played festivals including Cornbury, British Summer Time in London’s Hyde Park and even Country2Country and now have a new album to release – Orinary superhero. The album is being released vua Marshall records (the label run by the legendary Marshall amplification).

If like me you haven’t listened to Keywest before then what can you expect from the music? Well it’s a mix of rock, pop and folk. It’s music that doesnt really fit any one genre but will appeal to a wide range of people. It’s not as heavy as most of the music Planetmosh covers but it’s still worth covering as it is very good.

Check out “C’est la vie”….

It’s music that’s bound to get plenty of radio airplay – these pop-rock ballads are well written, sound great and are simply great songs. ok it’s a bit softer than most of the rock I listen to but that’s fine – sometimes you just want music to chill out and enjoy and this fits the bill nicely.

“Ordinary superhero” will be released on 11th October 2019

Track listing:

1. Somebody to love
2. c’est la vie
3. I’m not me without you
4. Don’t let me down
5. Ordinary superhero
6. How did we get here
7. What are you waiting for
8. Wear your love
9. This is heartbreak
10. Blood, sweat and tears

Very good pop-rock that's well worth a listen - great music to chill out and enjoy.

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