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Now where the fuck to start with this one? I guess first of all we need an introduction to Killer Be Killed they are comprised of guitarists Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and formerly of Sepultura) and Greg Puciato (The Dillenger Escape Plan), bassist Troy Sanders (Mastodon) – all of whom share vocal duties – together with drummer David Elitch (The Mars Volta). The album was produced/mixed by Josh Wilbur (LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA, STEVE EARLE) so as you can see to start we have a Smörgåsbord of musical talent involved on this until recently incredibly secretive super group project which was conceived in Los Angeles and according to Nuclear Blast this “mystique-fogged collection is the result of writing sessions, creative and philosophical conversations”.


Track one “Wings of Feather and Wax” again this is another track which I have had for a while now and Max’s influence is very apparent, it’s rampant delivery is a perfect balance of brutality and melodic rhythm with an equal mix on the vocal input, some brutal shredding is included and all of this is polished off with an elegant chorus which continues the rampant pace right through to the end.

You can watch Wings of Feather and Wax here

Writing this review is actually quite challenging not because there’s a lack of subject more the sheer individuality of this project, the consists are brutal yet balanced riffs and deadly fast drum parts, all of the tracks are stand out and the album is a piece of future metal history, I just hope they decide to take this super group project out on the road.

Track five “Curb Crusher” begins with slightly hypnotic bongo style drum (it’s not a bongo it’s too high but I don’t know what it is so there you go) actually it could almost be played on the side of a snare drum? Someone let me know as it’s now annoying me. A high note joins this pattern very subtly until an absolute crusher riff drops in a real chucha-chung if you know what I mean before engaging hyperdrive and hurlting the riff up to warp speed 9 thus bringing out a beautifully thrashy style before taking it back to the brutal chug along.

Track nine next with “Dust Into Darkness” this begins in a very old school thrash way with lone bass drum accompanied by a catchy riff which then builds into the rhythm and then subsequently joined by the vocal a couple of lower pitched squeals precede the chorus which has a blues edge before returning to riff, flowing nicely out again with the same styling of the intro.

Track ten “Twelve Labors” is a curious little beast, the intro has a tempting little overlay of a tiny melody delivered by a high pitched guitar, the vocal drops in and the song takes on a mystic persona with a slightly haunting backing vocal then continues to switch between the heavy, fast and the slow melodic haunting breaks.

All in all this entire album is a musical work of art, it is to be enjoyed all together, It almost feels like it’s trying to tell you a story. It takes you away with it for a journey through the musical skills of those performing it, it’s a pleasure to hear yet its brutality is clearly evident.

Full track list:

1              – Wings Of Feather And Wax

2              – Face Down

3              – Melting Of My Marrow

4              – Snakes Of Jehova

5              – Curb Crusher

6              – Save The Robots

7              – Fire To Your Flag

8              – I.E.D.

9              – Dust Into Darkness

10           – Twelve Labors

11           – Forbidden Fire


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