Killer Refrigerator – The Fridge and the Power it Holds

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Killer Refrigerator

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On March 11, 2015
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“The Antifreeze has risen!” Now this is simply hilarious. I think I just found the perfect soundtrack for a horror movie, based on evil household appliances. The band, called Killer Refrigerator was found in 2013 and are fresh and new unlike the horror genre. Maybe they are more like a subgenre containing a lot violence, evil and overall aggression from the Fridge, Shower or Microwave. To highlight the great danger from everyday household items, the band has released “The Fridge and the Power it Holds”. The first time I heard this collection, I had the feeling that there is a slight touch of Death (‘Flesh And Power It Holds’ from ‘The Sound Of Perseverance’ album).  To be more  precise, this album is already the second EP in a row for Killer Refrigerator (the first was “When Fridges Rule This World”, released in 2014) and the guys are already working on a third, so the band at this stage seem to be very productive.

Killer Refrigerator – The Fridge and the Power it Holds (2015)

“The Fridge and the Power it Holds” is the set of 7 songs and almost 22 minutes in overall duration. Comparing to the first album with 13 tracks, this one sounds like a quick message of danger. The style of the album is quite fast and thrash/death metal – a mishmash with weird digital sounds for the ‘Slaystation’ track and some storytelling-like pieces here and there. All fun aside – it is very neatly done piece of music with impressive catchy, thrashy vocals, great drum parts and no less brilliant guitar parts.

Let’s take a look at the album cover. First impression – animated horror movie poster. Closer up it is more evil. The Antichrist look-a-like refrigerator with a reversed cross on the top pretty much sums up the whole content of the album: from the slavery to the easy-bake to Killer Refrigerator goes against Godzilla. The band sends a danger warning to humanity: “If you don’t listen to Killer Fridge and you wake up to a toaster setting your family on fire, don’t come crying to us. It’s your own damn fault.” So beware of a microwave or toaster attack!

Reviewers pick: “Slaystation” – fast and uncompromising, with chants in between that simply sticks in your mind; video games sounds and the longest track of the album – even over 4 minutes! With only one letter changed in the title, you can get pretty much the whole summary of the dangerous Playstation sitting in the corner of your room.

The Fridge and the Power it Holds” by Killer Refrigerator is going to be out for everyone’s attention on 7th of April, 2015. The household horror prophets are releasing their second album all by themselves.

Album tracklist:
2. Slaystation
3. Shower Thrashing Death
4. Killer Refrigerator VS Godzilla
5. Slave To The Easy-Bake
6. The Fridge And The Power It Holds
7. To Hell With Cancer


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