KING APATHY release second new single ‘The Scars of the Land’

Having released two albums under the name of THRÄNENKIND – “The Elk” (2013) and “King Apathy” (2016) – “Wounds” is the first full-length album under the new band name. The songs of KING APATHY are still the kind of music for which the band is known and appreciated. They still draw their inspirations from a lot of different genres such as melodic metal, post-black metal, doom, neo-crust, post-rock, shoegaze and hardcore punk. Nevertheless, the new album “Wounds” is more complex than its predecessors and you will have to listen several times before all its secrets are revealed. The atmosphere is dark and oppressive. On the surface, it’s not a “violent” album, but the songs have an intense after-effect. They will leave you restless and will haunt you for quite some time.

Civilization kills: This is the opening track of KING APATHYs third record and there is no way around this frightening and sobering conclusion. Mankind is ruthlessly exploiting the earth. The downfall of our society is just a matter of time because the planets’ resources are finite. Whether humanity as a species will survive the end of civilization as we know it is questionable. Will we destroy this world and make it uninhabitable for all life or can we find the strength to unlearn our destructive behaviours? Songs like The Scars Of The Land, Cleansing, Great Depression or Earthmother Rising are dealing with issues like this. One thing is sure: The “Wounds” we are inflicting are getting deeper and deeper and they definitely won’t heal on their own.

Band Members
Matthias – guitars, bass, lyrics
Nils – vocals & lyrics
Flo & Max – guitars
Hannes – drums


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