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Knock Out Kaine-Sanctuary Bar-Burnley November 7th 2015

The drive over to the Sanctuary Rock Bar in Burnley was more spectacular than usual, as the night sky was lit up with plenty of firework displays.
Tonight, Sanctuary were playing host to the decadent Knock Out Kaine, who were once known better for their genuine party hard antics – but over the last 12 months or so the talk has been all about their music and shows. Notably their recent album, Rise of the Electric Jester and the performances at Bloodstock and SOS Festivals.

First up however are Thirteen Stars who have just released their new single/video Tired of Waiting. There’s been an increased buzz on this four piece lately, and donned in various assortments of cowboy hats and a bare chested drummer, they deliver a set of groove laden southern boogie with guitar riffs that get hips a swaying and heads nodding. Stand out tracks were; Daddy’s Girl (Hoss asking all the spoilt bitches to raise their hands – luckily everyone saw the humour in his request), Speed King, If You’re Gonna Break My Heart & Right For Wrong.

Audience truly warmed up, Knock Out Kaine walk on the stage and Dean announces “we’re not gonna bother with any fancy intro tapes, we’re just gonna play some rock n roll and hopefully entertain you all”. ’16 Grams of Heart Attack’ rips in and after a few seconds of mastering the sound levels this motley crew are into full swing. Foxx wears the face of a psychotic madman as he fixes the audience with a stare that demands their attention. Straight into Set The Night On Fire and the groove moves the audience closer to the stage. First live airing of Cruel Britannia confirms the hook is infectious and it’s got a raunchy swagger bolstered by shouty Fuck You’s at the end. That’s it. Audience firmly in Dean’s capable hands Knock Out Kaine march on in belligerent style onstage. Lee Byrne bouncing around with bass guitar swaying dangerously close to many heads. We get the big hairy ballad Coming Home which is carried by the audience, Foxx now grinning in victorious stance. Cascading and Little Crystal brings the audience almost to climax. “We’re not going to bother going off and getting cheered back on blah blah blah. So if you can join in and singalong here’s Rebel Yell”. Backing vocals not required as the audience bounced and sang loudly. Chants for more were instant but Knock Out Kaine wanted to now join everyone for a few beers and party into the early hours. Yep, some things never change.


Photo by TVPAV

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