KORPIKLAANI | vodka wins at the International World Vodka Awards

KORPIKLAANI are proud to announce that their KORPIKLAANI VODKA has been awarded Best Vodka in the World in the Infused & Botanical Vodka series at the INTERNATIONAL VODKA AWARDS competition. This spruce flavoured vodka is produced by Pyynikin Distilling Company, from Tampere who have won several International awards. 

One can safely say that their years of traveling around the world, drinking a fair amount of vodka along the way, has finally paid off with providing an certain expertise to produce an award winning vodka. You can watch an ad for KORPIKLAANI VODKA here:

Jarkko comments:
We had several sessions with Samuli the Distiller where we went through many different versions of the vodka. The correct amount of spruce was crucial in getting the flavour exactly right and even tiny changes made a huge difference in the final product. We’re very happy to see that the jury appreciated the same things and actually understood the amount of love and care that went into making of this vodka.
When Korpiklaani suggested making vodka in cooperation, I could not have been more excited! Korpiklaani was my absolute favourite band in my youth and I still listen to them a lot. In my opinion, spruce is one of the most Finnish flavors and aromas, and it also fits very well with the look of Korpiklaani, so from the beginning it was clear what would be used in this vodka. We went collecting spruce twigs ourselves from the forest for distillation. The end result is a grain-based vodka flavored with spruce, which is wooded and fresh, like the forest in a bottle,” says Samuli Peltonummi,the main distiller at the Pyynikin Distilling Company 
Korpiklaani‘s spruce flavoured vodka was released end of August 2020 where they held a live stream in celebration of the release. The event was held in front of the beer tanks inside they brewery. A tour of the brewery and distillery is included in the live stream. The Pyynikin Brewing Company also produces the KORPIKLAANI LAGER. You can watch the live stream here: www.korpiklaani.live  


Available as:
– CD Jewelcase
– Gatefold 2LP (Black)
– Gatefold 2LP (Green) (limited to 500)

Tuuleton official video: http://nblast.de/Korpiklaani-yt
Niemi official video: https://youtu.be/MI5XU1V06w4
Sanaton maa official video: https://youtu.be/68L3fU164w4
Mylly official video: http://nblast.de/Korpiklaani-yt
Leväluhta official video: https://youtu.be/o2jTAAIDNBw

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