KYNGS – Three track EP.

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On 24 October 2017
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A very impressive collection of songs from KYNGS.

When attending gigs I’ve always stuck with the same rule and that is to watch the opening bands. At the end of the day, that’s how the headliners started out so give them a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised and I certainly was when I caught Manchester based band KYNGS as they opened up a three band show at the Rebellion Bar in Manchester recently. I was that impressed with their set, I bought their new EP from the merchandise desk afterwards.

Opening track ‘King Of The Road’ bursts out on an adrenaline rush of Electric era Cult like bombast. Featuring some cheesy lyrics howled out by Sam Longhurst, the band hammer along as a blistering lead solo from David Beckett brings it to a close. Guitar feedback heralds the bouncy ‘Blue Eyed Devil’. Catchy rhythms give it a feelgood vibe, topped off by a melodic lead vocal. Closing track ‘In The Moment’ is a foot to the floor Stooges like workout. A steady backbeat from the rhythm section of Tom Radford and Brodie Carson leaving gaps for another strong vocal making it my highlight.

The EP is due for release via Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and iTunes.

EP track listing :-

King Of The Road.

Blue Eyed Devil.

In The Moment.

KYNGS band line up :-

David Beckett – Guitar.

Brodie Carson – Drums.

Tom Radford – Bass guitar.

Sam Longhurst – Lead vocals/guitar.


A very impressive collection of songs from KYNGS.

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