Lechery/in fire cd

I had assumed Lechery were a German band, their sound emanates from that old school of German rock which brought us the mighty Accept, Victory and The scorpions, its not until you dig a bit deeper that you discover a few surprises, Number one is the fact that they hail from Sweden, better known for Opeth, Crashdiet and Hardcoresuperstar than old school metal bands, cos make no mistake, this is a fist pumping, hand in the air heavy metal band, loud and proud.
Surprise number two comes in the shape of the singer, the band features one time Arch Enemy singer Martin Bengtsson.
This is the follow up to their debut “Violator” from 2008. and kicks of nicely with an instrumental “Awakening”, before the band kick you up your arse with “Mechanical beast”.
Songs called “Burning Anger”, “Lust For Sin” and “Heart Of A Metal Virgin” leave you in doubt about the subject matter. Although some of the lyrics are cheesy in places, that doesn’t distract from the overall enjoyment of this release. Judas Priest anyone ?.
Every rock cliché is employed here, right down to the “Metal compilation of the 80’s” cd cover, a leather gloved fist, holding some metal chains, but if you can get past that fact, then this is a real grower, they are never going to change the face of metal, but there will always be a place for a band like this.
‎”They still rock the old way”
Makes you want to dig out your old Accept LP’s 7/10

Martin Bengtsson – vocals, guitar
Fredrik Nordstrandh – guitar
Martin Karlsson – bass
Kristian Svensson – drums
[media-credit name=”lechery” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit] Tracklist:

01 Awakening 1:39
02 Mechanical Beast 5:00
03 Burning Anger 3:38
04 Heart Of A Metal Virgin 4:49
05 Lethal 4:06
06 Cross The Line 4:36
07 Carry On 3:22
08 In Fire 5:18
09 All The Way 4:57
10 The Igniter 3:21
11 Lust For Sin 3:53
12 We All Gonna Rock You Tonight 4:08

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