Legion Of The Damned – Malevolent Rapture,In Memory Of.

This is not a new release by Dutch band Legion Of  The Damned but a re-release of their debut album  Malevolent Rapture  ( they had 5 albums released  under their previous name Occult ) as a tribute to their ex- bassist Twan Fleuren who took his own life in May 2011. Malevolent Rapture was originally recorded in 2004,released in Jan.  2006 by Massacre  Records and produced by Andy Classen,a former member of German metal band Holy Moses.  Added to the original recording are 4 bonus tracks from the Rage To Revenge album by Occult,a remix of the track Malevolent Rapture from 2008 and a bonus dvd.

Thrash metal fans will lap this album up as its as raw as it gets.  Opening track Legion Of The Damned has a stomping intro followed by staccato drum patterns speeding up with a guttural vocal delivery by Maurice Swinkels. 2nd track Death’s Head March is another thrash metal  classic with some vintage Anthrax chugging riffs!  Vocals on Werewolf Corpse  bring to mind early Sodom and following track Into The Eye Of The Storm is a test to the neck muscles of the most ardent headbanger.  The pummelling mid section of next track Malevolent Rapture is a bona fide pit opener and Taste The Whip is fuelled with Show No Mercy era Slayer guitar work. Talking of Slayer,my highlight of the album is the drumming of Erik Fleuren. His speed is up there with Dave Lombardo.

The  4 bonus tracks from the Occult era lean more towards black metal with a twin vocal delivery and although the remix of the following bonus track Malevolent Rapture is better produced,i still prefer the original.  Malevolent Rapture,In Memory Of  is available now via Massacre Records.


Band line up for Malevolent Rapture ,In Memory Of :-

Maurice Swinkels- Vocals.

Richard Ebisch- Guitars.

Twan Fleuren- Bass.

Erik Fleuren- Drums.


Track Listing :-

Legion Of  The  Damned.

Death’s Head March.

Werewolf  Corpse.

Into The Eye Of The Storm.

Malevolent Rapture.


Taste The Whip.

Bleed For Me.

Scourging The Crowned King.

Killing For Recreation.

Bonus Tracks :-

Mind Domination.

Violence And Hatred.

Work Of A Legend.

The Desolate One.

Malevolent Rapture 2008  remix.


I  award  Malevolent Rapture,In Memory Of   10/10.

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