LES-FEST 3 Final Line up – 5 more bands announced

Five more acts have been announced today for Les-Fest 3, Scotland’s premier Rock and Metal Festival. First up UK hot property and causing a real stir across the scene is No Sin Evades His Gaze a great British Metal Band, with a very strong pedigree. Joining them on the same day and adding to what is already a strong Friday Main Stage line up are Progressive Metallers, Martyr De Mona. The third act who will hit the Saturday Main Stage are Hard Rockers Fahran who recently impressed the organisers in Glasgow

LES-FEST TRINITYFestival Director Dave Ritchie stated “We had lost a couple of acts recently due to personnel issues, but have worked tirelessly to find suitable replacements and to fill the last remaining slots on the bill”

“With the additions of the three acts above we are undoubtedly serving up the strongest rock and metal line up ever seen in Scotland to date”

They will be joined by West Lothian based The King Lot a band with a strong commercial edgeand the rather quirky act Cloustopia from Dumfries

These guys will go down a storm with gamers and anime fans and again it shows our commitment to the underground scene in Scotland” concludes Dave.

Tickets for the 3 day rock and metal event that also includes Bleed From Within, Savage Messiah and The Dirty Youth are available now and running out. Click here to buy tickets.

Full confirmed line up as follows:

Bacchus Baracus, Bad Touch, Bleed From Within, Cambion, Crash Mansion, Cypher 16, Deadly Circus Fire, Defy All Reason, Demonic Resurrection, Disposable, Dog Tired, Fahran, Falling Red, Fireroad, Fury, GutterGodz, Haerken, House of X, Incassum, Incinery, Inferno, Martyr De Mona, Mask of Judas, Massive Wagons, Nexilva, No Sin Evades His Gaze, Reign of Fury, Sa-da-KO, Savage Messiah, Signed in Crimson, Spill 16, Spirytus, Stormbringer, Skreamer, The Burning Crows, The Dirty Youth, The King Lot, The Wild Lies, Vantage Point, Voodoo Vegas, What’s The Damage?!, When Our Time Comes

Cackblabbath.com Stage

Bad Touch, Black and White Boy, Captain Horizon, Christie Connor-Vernal, Cloustopia, Curran, Incassum, Inferno, Pat McManus Band, Static Rock and Steel Threads.

Full details of the new location and venue are available now on the Les-Fest website.


Poster for 1st June Final





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