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Lita Ford – ‘Time Capsule’

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Lita Ford

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On April 7, 2016
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"This is rock/metal as I remember it from the good old daze."

Lita Ford needs no introduction, as her music and the longevity (four decades) of her career speak for themselves.  The name of this, her ninth solo album, is self explanatory:  it is made up from songs written and originally recorded many years ago – in a break following the recording of her self-titled 1988 album – which Lita has decided to dust down, and release as a gift to her fans.

Artwork for 'Time Capsule' by Lita FordThe ‘Intro’ is a quirky wee spoken word piece cleverly highlighting Ford, Lita and a reference to her first band The Runaways, recorded by Chris Holmes (ex W.A.S.P).  ‘Where Will I Find My Heart’ tonight is a duet with Jeff Scott Soto.  It is a passionate performance from both as they question what we are taught throughout our lives and how we finally feel when we discover that have been let down by lies and disappointment.  This song is 80’s metal at its purest and Lita makes her guitar sing in her own unique style.

‘Killing Kind’ bursts to life with unmistakable sound of a Hammond organ leading into a mandolin played by Dave Navarro.  Lita tells the story of a suffocating relationship and how the suppressed partner feels – a lot of us have been there and I for one can totally relate to the lyrics – she is helped with the beautiful backing vocals of Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen.  It also has Billy Sheehan (Mr Big) on bass.  A sad and melancholy guitar riff slides into the next track, ‘War Of The Angels’ which in turn is equalled by the vocals.  This is a heart-rending song telling us that we have been fighting a battle from the day we were born and how innocence is all was lost especially for the earth angel.  A very understated track, but hard hitting lyrically, with just Billy and Roger backing her on this, but it finishes with a massive crescendo of superb guitar solo.

Billy  Sheehan screams the intro for the next track, ‘Black Leather Heart’.  This is classic metal combined with lyrics that every woman hurt by a bastard ex, only to come back tougher and with the attitude than will only scare the shit of this next guy to fuck with them can relate to.  The massive guitar riff of ‘Rotten To The Core’, doubled with the unmistakable bass of Gene Simmons (who also co wrote this song) again highlights Lita’s “fuck this shit” point of view.  This is a great in your face track, on which the guitar and bass blend beautifully and the husky aggressive vocals add an extra dimension.

The next two tracks are instrumentals – a cover of Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’  and ‘On the Fast Track’ –  which are a great jam session with Jimmy Tavis (ex Odin) playing bass, and are a calming wee interlude magnificently played by the guys/ girl.

Lita FordThe last three tracks on the album – ‘King Of The World Wind’, ‘Mr Corruption’ and ‘Anything For The Thrill’ – are just Lita, Tavis and Roger Carter, and are full on 80s classic metal, but they sound great:  maybe a wee bit dated to some newer fans but great nonetheless.

OK, this is not a new album, rather one which has its roots in the past, but it showcases the talent we have had for a long time, and these seasoned musicians prove why their careers have lasted so long, and why they still have a massive following.  I for one have really enjoyed listening to this album – and thoroughly enjoying it. This is rock/metal as I remember it from the good old daze.  LONG LIVE R’N’F’R \m/.


Intro / Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight / Killing Kind / War Of The Angels / Black Leather Heart / Rotten To The Core / Little Wing / On The Fast Track / King Of The Wild Wind / Mr. Corruption / Anything For The Thrill

Recommended listening: War Of The Angels

‘Time Capsule’ is released on Friday 15  April via Steamhammer/SPV.

"This is rock/metal as I remember it from the good old daze."

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