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On 7 February 2019
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Release Date 12/10/18.
Live are back and on top form. How I've missed them.

A quarter of a century ago, I happened to be pottering around the living room of my one-bedroomed flat with MTV on in the background. There was some band on MTV Unplugged that I’d never heard of before, so I wasn’t really paying much attention to the TV. But it was a certain song that pricked my ears up and made me listen. A song that had more depth, soul and feel like I’d never heard before. That song was ‘Lightning Crashes’ and the band was Live.

‘Lightning Crashes’ would form a bond between myself and Live for the next twenty five years. They are, and always will be my favourite band of all time. From ‘Mental Jewelry’ to ‘Songs From Black Mountain’, I have stuck with these guys through thick and thin. Very rare do they visit the UK, hence my excitement in announcing their UK date in June HERE.

Revelling in this excitement, it gives me great pleasure to review their comeback release EP ‘Local 717’. Live never recovered when Ed Kowalczyk and the rest of the band parted ways. Even the introduction of singer Chris Shinn couldn’t pull things back round to how things were. Therefore, the news that Ed had re-joined the band in December 2016 was greeted with overwhelming cheers from the Live faithful.

The band could now carry on where they left off. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. This EP to me is a branch off from ‘Songs Of Black Mountain’, which I thought was a true return to form after a disappointing ‘V’ and not too bad ‘Birds Of Prey’. Opener ‘Love Lounge’ is a stormer. A typical Live track. Powerful, melodic, great chorus and punches plenty. And it gets better with ‘Be A Giver, Man’. This has to be one of the best tracks Live have written for a long time. It’s another stomper with a fantastic opening riff, great chorus, and superb beat that will have the crowd bouncing. I love it!

‘Waterfall’ again is just typical Live and that’s what I love so much about this EP. It’s not the fact that we have fresh, new songs after such a long time, it’s the knowing that after all these years the guys can still write what we want to hear, and that’s punching melodic rock that doesn’t age with time. ‘Brother’ is just full on speed and power rock and hits hard. There’s an awesome solo from Chad Taylor towards the end, proving individually the guys still have what it takes.

‘Venus In Furs’ treats us to a ballad parallel with ‘Mirror Song’ from their first album ‘Mental Jewelry’. Relaxing, and closes the EP just nice. These guys truly are back on form. Brilliant EP. Buy it!


Track List: (1) Love Lounge –  (2) Be A Giver, Man –  (3) Waterfall –  (4) Brother –  (5) Venus in Furs


Live are: Chad Taylor(Guitar) / Patrick Dahlheimer(Bass) / Chad Gracey(Drums) / Ed Kowalczyk(Vocals)

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Release Date 12/10/18. Live are back and on top form. How I've missed them.

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