Livin Garden – Where I can breathe

Livin’ Garden is a four piece band from Curitiba, Brazil which was formed in 2006.  According to the band the name ’Livin Garden’ is a metaphor that means the connection between human beings and nature.
Despite being an unsigned band, they’ve managed to play some big gigs supporting bands including Black Label Society, Circle II Circle, and Blind Guardian.

“Where I can breathe” is the bands debut album.

It’s good heavy metal.  It’s not quite thrash but it’s certainly towards the thrash end of the metal spectrum.  There’s excellent guitar work ranging from powerful crushing riffs to intricate solos.  The vocals are pretty good too and suit the music perfectly.

Title track “Where I can breathe” gets things off to a good start with guitars blasting away before the vocals kick in.  This song has plenty of power and attitude and really sets things up nicely for the rest of the album.

“Take the time” is a slow track that breaks the album up nicely giving a change from the fast heavy tracks, slowing the pace and lowering the power for a semi acoustic track.  Personally I’d have put this track slightly earlier in the album to give it more impact rather than right near the end.

A great debut from Livin Garden – I look forward to hearing their next album.

Rating:  7/10

Track listing:

1. Where I can breathe
2. Blinding me
3. Age of lies
4. Crown of thorns
5. Pain
6. Don’t blame
7. Take the time
8. The old days

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