Lovebites – Islington academy, London – 21st November 2018


Support tonight came from Seven Sisters – a London based band with a definite NWOBHM sound. They take a few minutes to really get going but once they do it’s a good solid set that goes down well with the crowd.

Next came Japanese band Lovebites. Earlier this year their second stage slot at Bloodstock festival was changed at the last minute to a main stage appearance due to Suicidal tendencies running late. With the time it took to get their gear across the site and set up they only got a fairly short set, but they played to a large crowd and went down well. Tonight the venue is only half full but the people who are here are clearly enthusiastic judging by the amount of noise they make to welcome the band on stage.

If you’ve not seen or heard Lovebites before, don’t assume they’ll be like Babymetal – nothing could be further from the truth. Lovebites are a five-piece all-female band, and they really know how to play – and play well. With Japanese bands performing to a UK audience, the thing that often puts people off is the vocals (Babymetal being a perfect example where plenty of people I know like the music but not the vocals), but Lovebites singer Asami has a great voice that UK fans should like.

Playing in all-white outfits, the band have a strong visual image, but this is not a case of choreographed style over substance – as previously stated, they really know how to play and they put in a really strong set. Tonight’s set is mainly based around songs from their debut album, but they also play a song (Rising) from their second album (Clockwork immortality) which is due for release later in the year. They get a great reception from the audience, and deservedly so.

Lovebites are a great live band and I look forward to their next UK visit.


Don’t Bite The Dust
Break The Wall
Scream For Me
Above The Black Sea
The Hammer Of Wrath
Under The Red Sky

Edge Of The World

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