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Lucid Dreams – ‘Lucid Dreams’

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Lucid Dreams

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On April 17, 2014
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"...a real 80's influence... will appeal to a wide range of fans due to its diversity."

@Planetmosh reviews the self-titled debut album by Lucid Dreams.

Lucid Dreams ArtworkLucid Dreams  are a six-piece from Oslo, Norway and after being together for approximately six years, have just released their self-titled debut album.

I can tell you that this has a real 80’s influence, from the tight rhythm section right through to the vocals:  in this latter department, Freddy Vain has a diverse range to his voice and you can hear a mix of influences, ranging from the rough and ready style of David Coverdale right through to the precision of Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart) on some tracks.

Don’t be put off by the needless operatic intro, because it is deceptive as to what it actually leads to. The production was done by guitarist Rune Gutuen, and he has produced it in such a way that it maintains the rawness that comes across but is still polished.

It is easy to hear that this band have many diverse influences as each track has a different sound and feel:  some are reminiscent of the early hair metal LA scene while others have that slightly heavier NWOBHM style.  This band are a guitar based band there are a few tracks that have a more prog rock leaning (I have to say in my opinion these are the weaker tracks).

This album is a ‘grower’ as they say.  One thing I disagree with is the choice of ‘Daisy Dukes’ as the first single, as I don’t think it’s the strongest track to introduce the album:  the power ballad ‘For Your Love’ has a much stronger impact in this regard.  But, overall, this band will appeal to a wide range of fans due to its diversity.

Track list:

Introduction / Cassie’s Escape / For Your Love / Daisy Dukes / Closing The Deal / Lucid Dream / Stormy / Take Me Away / Paranoia / Wanton Conquest / Light In The Sky / When I Die

Recommended listening:  ‘For Your Love’

‘Lucid Dreams’ is out now on Rockworks Records.



"...a real 80's influence... will appeal to a wide range of fans due to its diversity."

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