Luley-Todays Tomorrow cd

Klaus Luley’s career consists of numerous highlights. Way back in the early 80’s, he was the frontman of TOKYO who put out three superb melodic rock albums “Tokyo”, “Fasten Seat Belts” & “San” between 1981/83, ive been told these have just been re-released on the aorheaven label
He then became singer/guitarist with German Hard Rock group Craaft who released 3 studio albums between 1986 -1992 and one live album in 2003.
As a songwriter he’s written songs for a number of artists including Meat loaf and has been a studio session vocalist, working with artists as diverse as Donna Summer and Jennifer Rush.

So what do we have here, is it a new Craaft or a new Tokyo record?, bearing in mind Klaus covers the old Tokyo track ‘Tokyo’.
Well im happy to report that we somehow get the best of both bands, blending them to create a stunning modern piece of AOR, that take’s you effortlessly back to the big hair days of the 80’s, you can almost taste the hairspray on this cd .
‘Can’t Live Without You’ opens the album in style, and is as catchy as anything I have heard this side of an Journey track, this is certainly a radio friendly track with a real commercial hook and chorus, which lay’s down the foundation for the rest of the album.
‘Tokyo’ sits neatly in the middle of this cd, and it’s really a song that has been reworked well, seeing as the original is nearly 30 years old, it still sounds fresh, and Klaus has worked some real magic on it.
In fact, there is nothing wrong with any of these tracks, they are all as strong as each other with no fillers.
There’s plenty of of great guitar work on this album, particularly on “Take me today”, the vocals are great, and the rest of the music is also spot on.
Highly recommended 8/10

Luley are:

Klaus Luley – Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Chris Elbers – Drums
Matthias Rethmann – Bass

Track listing:
01. Can’t live without you
02. Mountain of love
03. Slippin’ away
04. Livin’ in the night
05. Tokyo
06. Don’t want to see your face
07. Higher
08. Here in my arms
09. Still got a long way to go
10. Take me today
11. When the night comes down
Today’s tomorrow” will be released on 30th April via AOR Heaven

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