Lullacry – Where angels fear

“Where angels fear” is the fifth album from Lullacry and the first Lullacry release since 2005’s “Vol. 4” and was produced by Mikko Herranen.  Lullacry are a gothic metal band from Finland.

Whereas many gothic or symphonic metal bands have female singers who sing in an almost operatic, very pure style, Tanja Lainio has a voice that has more of a rock singers voice at times with a little bit of a rough edge while still being able to handle the more traditional gothic metal vocal style.  This does help her vocals stand out from some of the other singers in the genre.

Comments on a couple of the songs..

“Thousand suns” has a heavy driving drum beat with the chugging guitars adding to that feel of power.  Despite this feeling of power from the music the vocals are still light and balance things out.

“Stay” is a slow acoustic track that is more like a ballad on a traditional rock album than a gothic metal song.  It’s a nice gentle way to end the album.

This is a very good album – some great guitar work and good solid songs coupled with some very good vocals.  Definitely an album for fans of female fronted gothic or symphonic metal bands to check out, and its likely to appeal to more traditional rock fans as well as the album for me hovers somewhere between gothic metal and traditional hard rock.

“Where angels fear” will be relased on 10th April (North and South America), and 16th April (Europe).


Tanja Lainio – Vocals
Sami Leppikangas – Guitar
Sauli Kivilahti – Guitar
Heavy Hiltunen – Bass
Jukka Outinen – Drums

Track listing:

1. Antidote to you
2. Still an angel
3. Thousand suns
4. Feel my revenge
5. Bad blood
6. All behind
7. Gone are the days
8. I am
9. Broken (into pieces)
10. Where angels fear
11. Stay

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