Luna Kiss – Interview

Brit rock crew, LUNA KISS, have charged into 2019 with a bang. The band will drop their new album, Following Shadows, on 12th April, and they have just released a stunning lyric video for Not Afraid – . We had the guys down for a quick introductory chat:


First up, who plays what in the band?

Wil Russell – lead singer/guitarist, Chris Butler – guitarist, Ross Morris – bass guitarist, and James Pedley – drums.



Where was the band born and how?

Coventry City! Legend has it, the birth place of St. George the dragon slayer and patron saint of England, and now Luna Kiss. We formed in 2009 shortly after finishing a music course at college.


It wasn’t until late 2009 when Ross joined the band that we felt our lineup was complete. We spent many years being really creative and experimenting hugely with our sound until we finally felt that we had created a sweet spot that encapsulates all the genres and influences that we love. Luna Kiss isn’t a carbon copy of a previous genre or band it’s a rock band that is putting a new slant on rock and roll.



What are your influences?

Our musical influences are very broad, and we are constantly exposed to new music from each other all of the time. We all grew up listening to the likes of Zeppelin, Floyd, and 90s bands like Chilli Peppers, Muse and Radiohead. During the early 00’s like many kids, we were invested in the post hardcore/emo scene where bands like Funeral For A Friend, Thrice, and Alexisonfire were the go to CD. Ross introduced us to a whole new pool of bands like Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, Moderat, Mogwai all of which introduced us to a whole new range of sonic possibilities.


How did you come up with your name?

The name we felt encapsulated the sound of the band at the time and very much still does now.

Luna Kiss has a slightly mysterious sound to it and doesn’t allow it to be pigeon holed or create any preconceptions. The moon is mysterious kisses are sensual.


Where have you played/toured?

We have toured through Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and obviously the UK and had support slots for Nothing But Thieves, The Brew ams Syd Arthur.


Can you describe Luna Kiss?

Luna Kiss is an energetic vibration that creates a landscape of different musical Terrain. Massive guitar riffs and drum sounds followed by delicate acoustic guitars and vocals. Bold chorus lines and for-filling guitar solos followed by edgy and gripping instrumentals. 


Where can we find out more?


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