MACHINAE SUPREMACY to release new album “Phantom Shadow” in August via Spinefarm Records

Swedish modern rockers MACHINAE SUPREMACY confirm release of new / sixth studio album, ‘Phantom Shadow’, for August 25th via Spinefarm Records

MACHINAE SUPREMACYProduced & mixed by vocalist Robert Stjarnstrom, who helped form the band back in 2000, ‘Phantom Shadow’ is the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Rise Of A Digital Nation’ (also released via Spinefarm), and sees MS continuing to pursue their own musical path…

This time around, they have delivered an altogether deeper, more intricate, multi-layered body of work; a conceptual release – complete with cellos, violins, guest vocals & spoken word passages – detailing a story (in Stjarnstrom’s head since 2003 and reflected in the album art) that is likely to continue through the next full-length release as well.

In essence, this futuristic narrative touches on man’s use of technology and the quest for greater, ‘super’ powers, and it’s a tale told with considerable flair and the usual strong grasp on choruses and melodies; UK guitarist Mike Dawes – one of the world’s finest ‘finger-style’ players – guests on the track ‘Europa’, and the 16 musical passages (including video track ‘Renegades’) come across like the soundtrack to the kind of cleverly-plotted, fast-paced movie that will keep you guessing until the very end…

As for playing these new songs live, Machinae Supremacy – who toured the UK with Children Of Bodom back in 2011 – are planning a return in October, exact dates tbc; in the meantime, ‘Phantom Shadow’ provides plenty of topics for discussion, and plenty of music to both bang and scratch the head to!

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