Maximum Cavalera Tour – Soulfly, Incite, Lody Kong. Classic Grand Glasgow, 05/10/2012

It’s not very often the word dynasty is used in metal, however this tour could well herald the start of the Cavalera metal dynasty as Max Cavalera brings Soulfly back to the UK with support provided by two of his sons bands – ZyonIgor Jr’s Lody Kong and Richie’s Incite.

Unfortunately due to prior commitments I missed most of Lody Kong’s set, but what I did  hear was pretty good.  With doom and stoner metal influences mixed with some choice riffs they had the sparse crowd nodding along appreciatively.  The band played with real energy making the most of their short set and seemed to win more people over the longer they played.  Igor celebrated this victory by smashing his guitar into several pieces during their last song Dreams and Visions.
(These pieces were later all signed and dated by Igor and available at the merch stall  unpriced, instead asking punters to “Name Your Price”)

Set List:
Crazy Joe
Bloody Toy Boats
Bone Digger
Dreams & Visions

Next up were Incite, who hit the stage with almost unmatched ferocity and drive.  Opening with Down and Out and Feel The Flames from debut album The Slaughter the band hit the stage in full flight.  Richie prowls the stage like a caged animal, flanked by guitarist – Gene Macazan and bassist – Luis Marrufo while drummer Zak holds down the fort from the back of the small stage.

They make the most of their limited space and time, pausing for mere moments to address the crowd before firing off another salvo.  The middle of the set is culled exclusively from new album All Out War.

The crowd had grown from near empty to over half full by this point and the boys in the pit showed their appreciation the way they knew best with The Aftermath being well received by all.

Incite end the set by returning to their first album, plucking title track The Slaughter and Army of Darkness to close the set, both of which had the initiated few down the front roar back in approval.  And as the last few notes fed back from the speakers Incite leave safe in the knowledge that they have given their all and won over another city on their path to world domination.


Set List:

Down & Out
Tyrannys End
Feel The Flames
The Aftermath
Die Alone
The Slaughter
Army Of Darkness

The room is full to bursting as the house lights go down for the final time tonight and the droning intro to Soulfly’s new album Enslaved pulses out of the P.A system.  The band blast through World Scum, Blood, Fire, War, Hate and Sepultura classic Refuse/Resist in quick succession.

The crowd are roaring back the lyrics louder than the band, the pit is brutal and security are kept busy catching bodies as they cascade over the barrier (despite warnings that crowd surfers will be ejected and the show stopped).  Soulfly are a thing of beauty to watch in full flight.  

Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy) has an extremely tight style on stage but he just explodes into mid air kicks and has a real energy on stage.  The rhythm section is all new for this tour and album.  New bassist Tony Campos (formerly of Static X) slams his way through the set in fine style, also providing the backing vocals whilst drummer David Kinkade (formerly of Borknagar) provides a thunderous backdrop for the rest of the band.  Songs such as Intervention and Plata O Plomo are well received, but it’s the old favourites that really get the crowd moving.  So when Soulfly delve into the back catalogue for Prophecy and Back to the Primitive  the assembled masses are sent into raptures.

Even though they only have an hour or so to play, Soulfly manage to pull a couple of surprises out of the bag. (including teasing us all with a few bars of  a Napalm Death cover)  First off they are joined by Mark Pringle for Defeat U before Max’s three sons Igor Jr, Richie and drummer Zyon join him onstage for a crushing rendition of Enslaved’s closing track Revengeance.

No Cavalera gig would be complete without  some Sepultura and tonight is no different, we get blasts of Arise, Troops of Doom and Territory before the utterly anthemic Roots Bloody Roots which closes the main set perfectly.
The band leave the stage as the crowd chant their name and roar and stamp their feet pleading for their inevitable return.

They are not made to wait long as the band return after only a few moments and Max asks everyone if they are ready to “JUMPDAFUCKUP!!!” as the band launch into the song, playing one chorus before segwaying straight into firm fan favourite Eye For An Eye to close out the night.  During the final chorus, Max decides to ditch his guitar and instead to sing from the barrier to delight of the front few rows which surge forwards to meet him.  As Max leaves the stage for the final time, the rest of the guys jump straight into an instrumental blast of The Trooper by Iron Maiden.

Set List:
World Scum
Blood, Fire, War, Hate
Execution Style
Front Lines
Back To The Primitive
Plata O Plomo
Sepultura Medly
Defeat U
Roots Bloody Roots
Jumpdafuckup/Eye For An Eye

The entire gig has been a triumph from start to finish and well worth the door price.  Both Lody Kong and Incite have won over new fans and gained an increased foothold here in the UK while Soulfly have shown once again that they are a real powerhouse of a band that can give anyone a run for their money song for song and pound for pound.
I bet there’s not many families on the planet with this much talent at their disposal…

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